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How Acne Works (And What To Do About It)

What is acne? AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? Acne oCcurs when the pores of the skin become clogged with OIL, DEAD SKIN, and BACTERIA. In the USA, ACNE is affecting 60 million Americans 20 million of these will have ACNE SCARS You're not alone 85% of ALL PEOPLE have acne at some point in their lives. Types NORMAL SKIN BLACKHEAD WHITEHEAD Opens to the surface and Stays below the skin turns black. surface. Hair Skin surface Sebum Follicle Sebaceous gland PUSTULE Known as 'pimple'. PAPULE CYST/NODULE Small, inflamed, pink bump. Inflamed painful pimples deep in the skin. Red (inflamed) with puss on top. Hormones Hormonal activity such as puberty or menstrual cycles may cause acne. Diet Stress A highly glycemic diet is associated with worsening acne. Research indicates that "increased acne severity" is associated with increased stress levels. Causes Genes Infection Some people are more likely than others to get acne due to their genes. Some bacterium species are widely believed to cause acne. What people do about acne 40% People who are waiting for acne to disappear by itself are risking PERMANENT SCARS. do nothing 30% Early TREATMENT CAN PREVENT those marks. will use an over the counter medication 20% will go to a dermatologist 10% will see a physician 4 steps to clear skin DON'T POP OR SQUEEZE YOUR ZITS EXFOLIATE, STEAM You'll risk scars or 1. AND DEEP CLEAN spreading the infection. YOUR SKIN It's important to cleanse your skin so yOU can clear out your pores. Consider a baking soda scrub. EAT HEALTHY FOODS Try adding in Brazil nuts, almonds, bell peppers, oysters, fish, beans, poultry, lamb, pumpkin seeds, squash, peanuts, sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, eggs, leafy greens. DON'T WAIT IT OUT Proactively do something about your acne breakout. Start with home remedies or over the Stay away from high-glycemic foods such as bread, rice, potatoes, bananas, corn and peas. Counter medication. In severe cases, see a physician. SOURCES BES kincare

How Acne Works (And What To Do About It)

shared by davidhme on May 09
Are you wondering how acne works? Among other things, this infographic will teach you what acne is, how it is caused, how many people are affected by it (more than you think!) and what to do about it.




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