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How to achieve the perfect shave

HOW TO ACHIEVE THE PERFECT SHAVE Manscaping:When a man rids his body of all excess body hair via waxing, shaving, plucking, etc. i.e. When he took off his shirt, it looked like he was still| wearing a sweater. He's in desperate need of some manscaping. ESSENTIAL STEPS Prepare • Splash your face with hot water to soften your bristly hairs and open your pores. Pat dry witha washcloth, • Use a pre-shave essential oil to prepare your hairy face and provide for a smooth razor glide. Lather Up • Use a badger brush to apply your favorite shaving cream or lather up with some traditional shaving soap (using a badger brush will give you a thicker, richer, and more emollient lather). Shave • Dip a clean, sharp blade in hot water, avoid applying pressure, and shave with the grain. • Rinse your blade often. • If you require a closer shave, re-lather and gently shave against the grain. Moisturize • Use your favorite after-shave balm to revitalize and soothe your newly smooth, dry skin. BENEFITS OF USING THESE SHAVING PRODUCTS Pre-shave oil Protects your skin and softens the beard before you shave Shaving cream Softens your beard and lifts beard hair from the face, allowing you to achieve a closer shave Shaving soap The more traditional way of lathering up-also softens your beard Shaving brush Helps keep your hands clean, lift the beard hair, release the trapped hair, exfoliate the skin, and build better lather Straight razor The most traditional shaving tool that provides for an amazingly close and impressive shave The double-edged safety razor Another traditional method of shaving that provides a close shave a little more easily than the straight razor After-shave balm/lotion Replaces the moisture lost while shaving and helps soothe and refresh the skin BONUS SHAVING TIPS Use a sharp blade • This allows facial hair to be cut quickly to avoid repetition and razor burn Avoid irritants such as harmful chemicals • Products containing alcohol can damage and irritate your skin, resulting in swelling Be wary of mentholated shaving foams • Menthol, like alcohol, can irritate the skin Don't apply too much pressure • Choose a razor that is a good weight and has a sturdy handle so that you have optimal control and can apply the right amount of pressure Avoid dry shaving • Dry shaving is one of the fastest ways to mess with your skin as it often leads to bleeding and razor burn Sources:

How to achieve the perfect shave

shared by Matt_Siltala on Mar 28
Here is a really informative "how to" style graphic teaching men how to get the perfect shave.


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