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The Hospital Room of the Future

HOSPITAL ROOMOF TOMORROW STEP INT O THE HOSPITAL R OOM OF THE FUTURE - OK, SO MAYBE ALL OF THESE COOL GADGET S WON'T BE IN ONE HOSPITAL ROOM (AND CERTAINLY NOT BY TOMORROW), 12 MEDICATION SECURITY A medication dispensing system will use bar codes and scanning technology to reduce medication errors. SMART PILL BUT ADVANCES IN MEDICAL SCIENCE AND T ECHNOL OGY PROMISE TO PROVIDE YOU Intelligent pill technology is currently being used to diagnose digestive conditions such as Crohn's disease and colon cancer. WITH BETTER MEDICINE AND A MORE PLEAS URABLE EXPERIENCE. BETTER DRUGS Research into gene therapy will provide personalized medication like never before. Your doctor will have access to your complete genome, so she'll be able to predict possible drug interactions and your body's reaction to potential treatments. Toxic reactions to drugs will plummet. Much of this work already is under way, and researchers predict many of the most life-changing advances will come in the next decade or so. SMARTPH ONE ULTRASO UND Researchers are working on a handheld machine that connects via USB to a smartphone. The device could prove life-changing in developing areas where people have little access to medical technology. 10 MEMORY RESTORATION 11 12 11 This military project is aimed at restoring memory by bypassing brain injuries. The theory is that injured soldiers would be able to return to the battlefield with improved performance. Researchers also hope the project will improve overall knowledge of short-term memory and brain functions. 3 TAKING CONTROL Patients will be able to raise and lower the shades in the room, order food, shut off the lights and access the Web. Prototypes are being tested. 88 MEDICAL TRICORDER With a name borrowed from "Star 10 ROBTIC SURGEONS Trek," this device would use technology to collect and analyze data on patients' health and then compare that data to electronic medical records. It also would run These guys have been around since the late 1980s, but they are seeing increasing usage in heart, intestinal, brain, pediatric and orthopedic surgery. Robotic " doctors" mirror human arms, allowing repetitive, controlled actions. simulations to determine the best course of treatment. Military researchers are currently in the conceptual phase on the technology related to such a device. CENTRALIZED IV SYSTEM HEALTH DISPLAY SMARTBED ORGAN PRINTER With the swipe of a card, patient information will be displayed on a computer monitor in the room. Doctors will see data they need to know (such as the full medical record). Nurses will see information pertinent to their jobs (like medical history and care requirements). Housekeeping staff will see information that helps them do their jobs. Prototypes are being tested. Nurses no longer will need to program your IV manually, as a centralized system at the nurse's station or elsewhere Without you being hooked up to 25 monitors, your bed will track key health information: Temperature, blood pressure, heart rate while you sleep. The information could then be sent wirelessly to health care providers' cellphones or email. Project is in developmental stages in Europe. A complex 3D printing process can create tissue adequate for transplantation, bypassing the potentially lengthy process of waiting for an acceptable donor. While such devices aren't in use now to create full organs, some of the biological material they can produce has been used to help patients. ARTIFICIAL WOMB Straight out of "The Matrix," tanks are filled with amniotic fluid, and embryonic umbilical cords are attached to pumps that regulate nutrient intake and waste production. Such methods have been used for some animals, but they are still a theoretical possibility for use with human babies. program them all automatically. SOURCES HTTP://www.PHYSORG.COM/NEWS 145640874.HTML HTTP://www.RWJF.ORG/QUALITYEQUALITY/DIGEST.JSP?ID=8753 HTTP://www.WASHINGTONPOST.COM/BLOGS/EZRA-KLEIN/POST/ THE-FUTURE-OF-HEALTH-CARE-TODAY/201 1/11/10/GQA1V3ZBM_BLOG.HTML HTTP://MEDGADGET.COM/2008/02/SMART HOSPITAL_BEDS OF THE FUTURE.HTML HTTP://www.INFOWARS.COM/THE-FUTURE-OF-ORGAN-PRINTING-AND-ARTIFICIAL-BIOLOGY/ HTTP://www.ORNL.GOV/SCi/TECHRESOURCES/HUMAN GENOME/MEDICINE/TNTY.SHTML HTTP://BLOG.SHERWEB.COM/7-REALLY-COOL-MEDICAL-TECH-ADVANCEMENTS-UNDERWAY/ HTTP://www.HEALTHYMAGINATION.COM/BLOG/NEW-FRONTIERS-OF-MILITARY-MEDICAL-RESEARCH/ HTTP://UTOPIANIST.COM/2011/03/3D-ORGAN-PRINTER-CREATES-KIDNEY-ON-STAGE-AT-TED-CONFERENCE/

The Hospital Room of the Future

shared by absolutelytrue on Feb 09
This infographic takes you into the hospital room of the future where advances in medical science and technology promise to provide you with better medicine and a more pleasurable experience.


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