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Holistic Treatments for Addiction & Trauma

In our current day, some issues need to be approached differently. As important as it is to have the issue clearly identified, it's becoming increasingly important to de- termine if the issue can be approached and dealt with holistically. HOLISTIC TREATMENTS for Addiction & Trauma The following are five issues and traumas that can be treated holistically. DRUG ADDICTION Drug dependency occurs when an indi- vidual needs a particular substance to function in every day life. There is a con- stant compulsion to use, and stopping is not an option even if it were desired. HOLISTIC OPTIONS Holistic practitioners explore the biological, psychological, social and spiritual function of the substance use and assist you to find alternate, less destructive ways to manage your emotions. ALCOHOLISM EATING DISORDERS Alcoholism is due to many factors: past traumas, your social environment, and your emotional health. Those who suffer from a mental health problem are also particularly at risk because alcohol may be used to self-medicate. Those suffering from disordered eating will often engage in immoderate, compul- sive behaviours such as under-eating and restricting food, habitual dieting and de- toxing, compulsive eating, purging, laxa- tive abuse, and excessive exercising. HOLISTIC OPTIONS HOLISTIC OPTIONS Participating in individual and group therapy, equine therapy, art therapy, massage, and a number of complimentary therapies to support your recovery. Integrating a range of therapies including; individual psychotherapy, group therapy, spe- cialised disordered eating workshops, mind- ful eating practices, yoga, and meditation. DEPRESSION PAIN MANAGEMENT More than just the temporary “blues," the lows of depression make it tough to function and enjoy life like you once did. Hobbies and friends don't interest you like they used to, and just getting through the day can be overwhelming. People who live with chronic pain can feel alone, isolated, misunderstood and stigmatized. Although in many cases chronic pain is difficult to cure, appropri- ate management can lead to better health outcomes. HOLISTIC OPTIONS HOLISTIC OPTIONS Isolation and loneliness go hand in hand with depression. Ideally, you are held in an intimate therapeutic environment that supports you to connect with others to heal. It's best to take a multidisciplinary approach. With the support of a doctor, psychiatrist, and psychologist, a treatment plan is developed to provide you with positive outcomes. There are a lot of different issues we find ourselves, or our loved ones, confronted with. To approach these issue in the most caring and understanding way possible, holistic treatment should be your first port of call. To take the first step in your healing, visit

Holistic Treatments for Addiction & Trauma

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Do you have a friend or family member who is suffering from an addiction or from trauma? It is important to know that there are holistic waysto treat these conditions. For example, when it comes to tr...


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