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HIV/AIDS: Knowing Is Everything

HIV/AIDS. KNOWING IS EVERYTHING DECEMBER ALTHOUGH HIV AND AIDS AWARENESS HAS GROWN WORLDWIDE, THERE IS A LOT OF WORK TO BE DONE TO CONTROL THIS EPIDEMIC. WORLD AIDS DAY ON DECEMBER 1, 2013 IS A GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN IN THE FIGHT AGAINST HIV AND AIDS. PROTECT YOURSELF! KNOW YOUR HIV FACTS MORE THAN 1.1 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE U.S. ARE LIVING WITH HIV 1.5 OF THEM ARE NOT AWARE THAT THEY ARE INFECTED. IN 1981 THE FIRST CASES OF HIV AND AIDS WERE REPORTED IN THE UNITED STATES IN IN THE U.S.... MORE THAN CURRENTLY 600,000 15,000 PEOPLE HAVE DIED, PEOPLE DIE FROM SINCE 1981. AIDS EACH YEAR. BE SURE: GET TESTED EVERYONE NUMBER OF PEOPLE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 13 64 INFECTED ANNUALLY: HIV USUALLY HAS NO SYMPTOMS. AND 50,000 THE ONLY WAY TO KNOW SHOULD HAVE ROUTINE TESTING. FOR SURE IS TO BE TESTED. 00 PERCENT OF PEOPLE INFECTED IN 2010, 33% OF THOSE INITIALLY DIAGNOSED WITH HIV WITH HIV WHO DON'T KNOW IT: WERE DIAGNOSED WITH AIDS WITHIN 12 MONTHS, WHICH MEANS THEY WERE LIKELY INFECTED FOR MANY YEARS 18% WITHOUT KNOWING IT, AND COULD HAVE SPREAD THE DISEASE TO OTHERS. PERCENT OF ADULTS WH0 PERCENT OF PEOPLE PERCENT OF ADULTS WHO SAY HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED WHO WITH THEIR VIRUS THEY HAVE BEEN TESTED AT SAY IT IS BECAUSE THEY UNDER CONTROL: LEAST ONCE FOR HIV: THINK THEY ARE NOT AT RISK: 25% 54% 60% LOCAL SUPPORT FOR HIV TREATMENT GETTING TESTED IS THE FIRST STEP! ONGOING TREATMENT IS THE NEXT STEP. HIV TREATMENT INCLUDES THE USE OF ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY TO ATTACK THE VIRUS ITSELF, AND MEDICATIONS TO PREVENT AND TREAT THE MANY OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS THAT CAN OCCUR WHEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS COMPROMISED BY HIV. HIV TREATMENT GUIDELINES RECOMMEND INITIATING ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY (ART) AS SON AS ONE IS DIAGNOSED WITH HIV. TREATMENT ADVANCES HAVE SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCED AIDS-RELATED DEATHS. COMBINATION ART, FIRST INTRODUCED IN 1996, HAS LED TO REDUCTIONS IN MORBIDITY AND MORTALITY. ONLY EVEN LOWER, ONLY 25% 15% MANY PEOPLE WITH HIV ARE NOT IN CARE, ON TREATMENT, OR VIRALLY SUPPRESSED, OF THOSE WITH HIV OF YOUNG PEOPLE AGED 25 TO 34 ARE VIRALLY WHICH REDUCES TRANSMISSION. ARE VIRALLY SUPPRESSED. SUPPRESSED. WORLDWIDE... FEWER THAN 1/2 MILLION 9.7 MILLION PEOPLE HAD ACCESS TO PEOPLE HAD ACCESS TO HIV TREATMENT IN 2012. TREATMENT IN 2003. 90% WALGREENS HAS MORE THAN 700 OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV HAVE ACCESS TO A HIV-SPECIALIZED PHARMACIES. HIV-SPECIALIZED WALGREENS. SOUACES 1.CDC Monitoting seltcted nitioni HIV prevention and care opinctees by using HIV itwillance data - United States and 6Us depenaent areas-2010 HIV Sanenlance Supple- mental Repurt 20iz.17IN 31 Available ot hmp www cde quv/hiwtosica/nurveillance/renource/ropärtsl, Publihed June 2012 2 Centers for Disase Controt and Presmntren HIV Survellance Repert. Zu11, vdl 22 hitp ww sde goelhwitoticsytvellamceltesourcereports Publahed Fntruery 2013 * Sentera far Disease Control and Prevestioin, Hiv Survellaicir Repurt, 2011. vul 23 http:/www.cdt gitv/hiv/topicalsurveillanče/resautces/reportiv Published Fetiruary 2013 4.COC Eitimated HIY incidente wmang adults and adolnscents in the inited States, 26ni-vain HIV Sunvellance Supplemental Report 2012iZİNo Al htp www.side gavhivop- alsurveillanch/resaurces/report#aupplemental Published Decersber 2012 5 CDC HIV Survmillance Supplemental Repott 2012 vol 17, Na 3 (Part Al. June 2012 Duta are estmateand do not inclutie US de pendent arnas 6 Hall, HI. Fraizier EL Rhudes P. et al Diffetences in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Care and Treatmenit Amueg Subpogulations in the United States JAMA Intern Med. 2013 1-7 HOE 10 1001/jamminternmed 2013 6641 7 CDC MMWR 55IRRJ4L September 2006 6 The Washington Poit/KFF 2012 5uteey of Americams an HIVAIDS, July 2012 Don khow tesponses nat shown, totala equal 100% dun ta rounding 9 Thi Wastingron Rost/KFF 2013 Survey of Americins on HIVAIDG. July 2010 Den't knhw retipunses nat shown. totala 'riay nit equal 10O% due to roundina 10 UNAIOS Report on the Gtober AIDS Epigemie, 2013 1 CDC Faet Sheet HIV in the Unitad State The Stages al Sare, July 20IR 12 coc Fact Shast HIVm the Lirited States The Stages af Care uly sa1z 13. NIH Guldelinies for the se at Antitetroviral Agehts in HiV-1-Intected Adults ahd Adofescienta, last updated February 2013 14 UNAIDS Tagttier We Will End AIDS, Pora 15 LUNAIDS Worid AIDS Duy Report Resulta. 2012 t6 WHO/UNAIDS/UNICEF Blobel update on HIV tteaiment 2013. June 2013 17 CDC Fact Sheet HIV in the linited States The Stags ul Care. Julý 2012 BROUGHT TO YOU BY: THE HUFFINGTON POST Walgreens AT THE COKNER OF HAPPY &HEALTHY DESIGN: ANTONIO DI VICO

HIV/AIDS: Knowing Is Everything

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World AIDS Day on December 1, 2013 is a global opportunity to join in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Show your support for those living with HIV and those who have died. The first steps in joining th...




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