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HIV AND AIDS ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME WHAT IS HIV? IN 2009 HIV STANDS FOR: HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS HIV is a lentivirus that attacks the immune system (Lentiviruses can be found in a number of different animals including cats, sheep, horses, cattle, and monkeys.) WHAT IS AIDS? AIDS STANDS FOR: ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME AIDS is a medical condition. A person is diagnosed with AIDS when their immune system is too weak to fight off infections. =1 MILLION THERE WERE 33 MILLION PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS SINCE 1981 HIV VS AIDS In layman's terms HIV IS THE ACTUAL INFECTION ITSELF, slowiy breaking down the immune system, and AIDS IS AN ADVANCED STAGE where the virus has progressed, causing significant loss of white blood cells, and damage to the immune system. IS THERE A CURE? MORE THAN 25 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM SADLY THERE CURRENTLY IS NO CURE, AIDS. AN ESTIMATED 1.8 MILLION PEOPLE DIED AS A RESULT OF AIDS IN 2009 ALONE. The only way to stay safe is to be aware of how HIV is transmitted and how to prevent HIV infection. AIDS TIMELINE WHAT REGIONS ARE AFFECTED? 1884 - 1924 HIV is believed to have been transferred to humans in Africa between 1884 and 1924. SUB-SAHARA AFRICA IS AFFECTED THE MOST 22.5 million of the 33.3 million people who suffer from aids live in Sub-Sahara Africa. 1970 HIV is believed to have entered the United States 1980 AIDS is detected in California and New York. The first cases among *2009 NORTH AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST SOUTH AND SOUTH-EAST ASIA 460,000 4,100,000 gay men, then injecting drug Adults and Children Adults and Children living with HIV/AIDS living with HIV/AIDS users. 1983 Three thousand AIDS cases have been reported in the USA; one thousand have died. *2009 EAST ASIA OCEANIA 770,000 57,000 Adults and Children living with HIV/AIDS Adults and Children living with HIV/AIDS *2009 1984 Scientists identify HIV (initially called HTLV-III or LAV) as the cause of AIDS CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA CARIBBEAN 1,400,000 240,000 Adults and Children living with HIV/AIDS Adults and Children living with HIV/AIDS 1986 More than 38,000 cases of AIDS have been *2009 WESTERN & CENTRAL EUROPE NORTH AMERICA reported from 85 countries 820,000 1,500,000 Adults and Children Adults and Children living with HIV/AIDS living with HIV/AIDS 1987 AZT is the first drug approved for Ireating AIDS. *2009 EASTERN EUROPE & CENTRAL ASIA 1,400,000 1990 Around 8 million people are living with HIV worldwide Adults and Children living with HIV/AIDS 1997 Around 22 million 15,900,000 people are living with HIV worldwide WOMEN LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS IN 2009 2002 The Global Fund is established to boost the 14,900,000 response to AIDS, TB and malaria. MEN LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS IN 2009 2006 28% of people in developing countries who need treatment for HIV are 2,500,000 receiving it. CHILDREN LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS IN 2009 2007 Around 33 million HELP FIGHT THE HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC people are living with HIV, according to revised estimates. ( RED) AVERT 2009 4 million people in developing countries are receiving treatment for HIV; 9.5 million are still in immediate need of treatment. INTERNATIONAL A DONATION MADE TO AVERT INTERNATION PURCHASE ANY CRED) PRODUCTS, AND UP TO 50% OF THE PROCEDES WILL BE CHARITY GOES TO THE DONATED DIRECTLY TO THE EDUCATION, TREATMENT, AND CARE IN THE HOPES GLOBAL FUND TO HELP THE TO "AVERT" HIV/AIDS. FIGHT AGAINST HIV/AIDS. 2010 The CAPRISA 004 microbicide trial is hailed a success after results show the gel reduced the risk of HIV infection by 40%. HTTP://WWW.JOINRED.COM/ HTTP://WWW.AVERT.ORG/ HTTP://WWW.AVERT.ORG/AIDS.HTM HTTP://WWW.AVERT.ORG/HIV.HTM HTTP://WWW.AVERT.ORG/WORLDSTATS.HTM HTTP://WWW.UNAIDS.ORG/GLOBALREPORT/DOCUMENTS/ HTTP://WWW.AVERT.ORG/AIDS-TIMELINE.HTM HTTP://WWW.AVERT.ORG/DONATE.PHP HTTP://WWW.UNAIDS.ORG/GLOBALREPORT/DOCUMENTS/20101123 GLOBALREPORT FULL_EN.PDF *MACKENZIECHILD


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AIDS is an acronym of acquired immune deficiency disorder. This infographic provides a vast amount of statistical information about AIDs and HIV in the world.




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