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History of Multiple Sclerosis

MS Historical Primer Common Symptoms of MS Lidwina Central Nervous System: -Fatigue Cognitive Impairment - Mood Swings Visual:--- -Optic Neuritis -Nystagmus /1395 Speech: - Dysarthria - Diplopia - On February 2, 1395 Lidwina fell while iceskating. For the next 37 years she demonstrated many of the symptoms of MS. Throat:--- - Dysphagia Musculoskeletal: - Weakness Spasms - Ataxia Sensory: - Hypoesthesias - Paraethesias Bowel/Bladder: - Incontinence Diarrhea Constipation -Frequency Retention MS is Recognized Prevalence of 1838 MS Working independently, Robet Carswell and Jean Cruveilheir both found "strange" damage to the spinal cord. Čarswell published his drawing just prior to Cruveilhier. Worldwide, MS occurs with much greater frequency in higher latitudes (above 40° latitude) away from the equator, than in lower latitudes,closer to the MS as a Disease equator. 1868 Referred to as the "Father of Modern Neurology"-Jean Martin Charcot was the first to recognize MS as disease and establish a way to diagnosis it. For many years, the "Hot Bath" test was used to diagnose MS. Someone suspected of having MS was put into a hot tub of water and if their symptoms worsened, it was taken as evidence that the person had MS. Myelin 1878 Louis-Antoine Ranvier discovers that the myelin surrounding the nerve acts as an electrically insulating sheath. Since 2008 the MS Society has provided 2,248 A\C units and 1,206 cooling vests to persons with MS because MS interfers with the bodies ability to regulate it's own temperature. 1st Reliable Diagnosis 1913 In 1913 doctors began using the lumbar puncture, where a few milliliters of CSF are removed from the lumbar spine, below the spinal cord to diagnose MS. This method is still in use today. The average time between clinical onset of MS and diagnosis by a physician is 5 years The cost of treatment for MS in the US is $876 every second. That comes to over $86,000,000,000 just since January 1, 2010. For Love of Her Brother You can watch the costs mount up here: 1946 When Sylvia Lawry's brother Bernard was diagnosed with MS and she discovered there was no effective treatment for disease, she went on the offensive. Publishing an ad in the "New York Times" calling for help. 50 patients who were themselves searching for a cure answered the ad. This was the beginning of The National Multiple Šclerosis Society Types of MS Relapsing-Remitting O Primary-Progressive I Secondary-Progressive O Progressive-Relapsing O Frequency In 1936, only 8% of patients were reported to survive beyond 20 years after the onset of MS. Types of MS In 1961, over 81% of patients were reported to survive beyond 20 years after the onset of MS. 1978 Computer Tomography (CT), developed in 1972, delivers the first images of MS in 1978. As of 2002, an MS patient can expect to experience an average life expectancy as that of the general population, minus seven years. The MRI Revolution 1981 Infections in any part of the body can cause temporary flare-ups of MS symptoms, however there is no evidence that dental problems cause MS to develop or to progress Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MŘI), uses a magnetic field and as such does not expose the patient to radiation like a CT, In 1981 lan Young and Graeme Bydder published their results on MS and MRI. The MRI is faster and many times more accurate. Now MS can be diagnosed at a much earlier stage of its development. MS is NOT contagious First Disease Modifier Age @ Time of Diagnosis 1993 Inerferon beta e, discovered in 1957 was initially used to treat relapsing MS in 1993, and for the first time a treatment reduced the frequency of relapses and delayed the progression MS. 0-21 O 22-49 O 50+ I 6 More Meds In 2004 a whole new class of drugs known as monoclonal antibodies, which significantly suppressed relapses of MS in several large trials, were begun. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 5O. MS affects more than 2.1 million people worldwide. 2000's Studies suggest 2 to 5% of all people with MS have a history of symptom onset before age 18. Researchers have developed 6 more drugs that suppress and alter the course of MS in the past decade. MS. National Multiple Scleresis Society STOP MS IN ITS TRACKS RESTORE FUNCTION & REPAIR DAMAGE END MS FOREVER Over a Quarter of a Million People are Already Connected bike walk 100 Bike MS Events 554 Walk MS Events 250,000+ People participated in events across the country %24 $.78 of every dollar goes to help people with MS NMSS Annual Reports 2004 - 2011 $330.7M Research $22.6M Training Professionals $72.5M Client & Community Service $47.4M Public Education We mobilize people and resources to drive research for a cure and to address the challenges of everyone affected by MS. MS. National Multiple Sclerosis Society DOKOOOX

History of Multiple Sclerosis

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A graphical history of this devastating disease with additional details to help the reader better understand it's effects on everyone.


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