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The History of The Athletic Shoe

Running shoes in today's age are viewed as essential when it comes to playing athletic sports, distance running, and HISTORY OF training of any kind. Some simply love them for their THE ATHLETIC comfort. These shoes come in many varieties. Basketball shoes tout their elastic properties for improving jump and SHOE maneuverability, soccer cleats dig into dirt for maximized grip, urban running shoes emphasize foot support, and some shoes mimic the shape of a bare foot. These varieties didn't all come into existence at once. Where did they come from and what did we start out with? START 8,000 B.C. Shoes made for practical 480 B.C. use. Woven. Pheidippides runs from Marathon, Greece to Athens to declare victory. According to the legend, 3,00Ø B.C. he fell dead after the declaration. This legend marked it as the 'original marathon course. The oldest preserved footwear. Cowhide moccasin all-purpose During this time, Greeks wore terra-cotta boots. shoe. 300 A.D. Greek and Roman citizens possess different shoes for various situations. 1760 A.D. America's first mechanized shoe factory is run by John Adam Dagyr in Lynn, Massachusetts. 17TH C ENTURY 1908 1896 COMMON SHOES After the popularization of a poem by Robert Browning titled Pheidippides, the The New Balance Arch Co. is born, offering Shoes are still designed for everyday solutions for aching feet Marathon run became part of the modern use. Leather upper and wooden soles Olympic Games. typically crafted by a cobbler. 1917 1892 1852 THE CONVERSE HOT RUBBER AND THE RUNNING SPIKE ALL-STARS CANVAS= THE KEDS Leather slip with Converse began producing Goodyear produces the parent shoe of hard rubber sole. rubber-soled shoes in 1908 and the Converse Allstars - the Keds. Spikes built into soles for improved released its classic All-Stars Flat-bottomed, light-weight, and flexible. marketed to basketball elites. Began a shoe design revolution. grip. Spikes were pronounced. Remains standard for five decades. 192ØS 1936 "THE CH UCKS" - ALL-STARS GERMAN DASSLER AND OWENS TEAM UP Redesigned and sponsored by Chuck Taylor - a famous Adolf Dassler, founder of basketball star who played Adidas in '49, gives Jesse and coached men's Owens his shoes. Owens basketball. wins 4 gold medals in Summer Olympics. All-Stars change hands from elite basketball players to casual wear. Eventually adopted by 1950s & 60s greasers, 70s & 80s punks, 90s grunge rockers, surfers, and the rest. 1952 RUNNING SHOES GO OFFICIAL Roger Bannister, English Olympics runner, 1976 breaks 4 minute mile. SPACE AGE Runners use improved spikes similar to RUNWEAR originals. Design changes very little, yet runners are faster and more dedicated. 196ØS Montreal Olympics feature NEW BALANCE PRODUCES runner wearing shoes designed THE TRACKSTERS by Frank Rudy of NASA including air cushions in the New Balance's Trackster shoe is the first running shoe to come in varying sole. Introduced air-cushion soles to the market. widths, accommodating more runners than ever. 198ØS - 199ØS 1974 MARKET LIKE BILL BO WERMAN COOKS UP NEM MIKE DESIGNS Bowerman, track coach and cofounder of Nike Ic., experiments in kitchen with wife's waffle iron and invents the waffle sole. Goal: reduce shoe weight. Nike, Reebok, and Adidas dominate the market for athletic Nike shoes dominated the '70s and '80s running world. They capitalized on the endorsements of major athletes including shoes. Air-cushion runner shoes Steve Prefontaine and Michael Jordan. and Jordan style shoes at the forefront. THE MODERN R UNNING SHOE AND MINIMALISM Modern track spikes remain popular. Minimalist and barefoot running emerges. Naked feet or traditional footwear such as moccasins, TODAY huaraches, or Five-Finger designed rubber shoes. FINISH Shoe design and implementation has gone through some strange permutations, particularly with the waffle-shoe design. Variety has greatly expanded but classic designs and modern ones are all popular. Under demand for ingenuity and consumer identity, more drastic changes are sure to come. SOURCES: ADgK#v=onepage&q=converse %20all% 20stars%20chuck%20taylor&f-false Schuler S Shoes,default,pg.html

The History of The Athletic Shoe

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