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High Blood Pressure More Dangerous Than Combat?

High Blood Pressure More Dangerous Than Combat? Blood Pressure Facts Soldiers Need to Know Now More Soldiers may die from heart disease than in combat, studies suggest. Every minute, one American will die of a heart disease-related event, such as a heart attack or stroke, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). High blood pressure or "hypertension" is one of the main risk factors of heart disease and stroke. What is What is What is Healthy Blood Pressure? Pre-Hypertension? Hypertension? 120 to 139 mm greater than 120/80 mmHg 140/90 mmHg - over – 80 to 89 Hg "Blood pressure" is the force Slightly elevated blood Doctors call hypertension of blood pushing against the pressure is known as "the Silent Killer" because it walls of your arteries as it travels to different parts of pre-hypertension. If you have harms your body for years pre-hypertension, you are at before being detected. If your body. A healthy level is risk of developing high blood your blood pressure remains necessary to deliver oxygen pressure, which increases your high for a long period of and energy to your muscles risk of heart attack and stroke. time, it can cause serious and organs to help you problems in your body such as ruptured blood vessels, heart attack, erectile perform as a Citizen-Soldier. dysfunction, and stroke. When your blood pressure is high, you are How Does 4x & 3x Take advantage of your annual physicals and pre-deployment health assessments to detect Hypertension Harm My Body signs of high blood pressure early on. more likely to die from a stroke more likely to die from heart disease TOP Risk Factors of Hypertension ! The nicotine in a single cigarette can raise your blood pressure for up to an hour after you smoke. Smoking throughout the day Poor Diet Excessive alcohol use Lack of Smoking cigarettes Unhealthy Weight means your blood physical activity pressure may remain constantly high. C How Can I Control My Blood Pressure? If your blood pressure is outside the healthy range, small daily changes can help you control your levels: Cut sodium intake down to Keep your BMI below 25. Need to shed a few pounds? Talk to a medical professional to come up with a weight loss plan. Limit alcohol intake to 1-2 drinks per day. 2,300 mg per day (or one teaspoon). Check your blood pressure in between check-ups using a cuff at your local pharmacy or armory. Get 7-8 hours of sleep to reduce stress and keep blood pressure levels down. Get 30 minutes of moderate exercise, such as biking or climbing stairs, five days of the week. 000 GUARD YOUR HEALTH My Mission. My Health.

High Blood Pressure More Dangerous Than Combat?

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Blood pressure facts Soldiers need to know now. Prevent high blood pressure (and heart disease) by eating healthy, not smoking, and exercising.


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