The Hidden Costs of Alcoholism

WHAT IS EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION Costing Our Economy? Excessive alcohol consumption accounts for an average of 79,000 deaths per year in the U.S. and is now the third leading preventable cause of death in the country (around 216 deaths per day). This public health problem carries a heavy economic cost from: PREMATURE LOST INCREASES IN COSTS OF DEATH PRODUCTIVITY DISEASE AND INJURY HEALTH CARE ALCOHOL- FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME- PROPERTY DAMAGE FROM FIRE RELATED CRIME RELATED SPECIAL EDUCATION AND MOTOR VEHICLE CRASHES In a recent study, it was estimated that these adverse health and social consequences costed the U.S. economy around $223.5 billion in just one year. Breaking down the $223.5 BILLION OTHER COSTS 72.3% 11% 9.4% 6.2% Workplace Productivity Costs $161.3 BILLION Health Care Costs $24.6 BILLION Criminal Justice Costs Motor Vehicle TOP CONTRIBUTORS: TOP CONTRIBUTORS: $21 BILLION Crash Costs Specialty treatment for alcohol abuse and dependence $14 BILLION Impaired productivity at work Lost productivity due to alcohol-related deaths (83,180) Hospitalizations from excessive drinking medical conditions 1.1% $2.6 BILLION 2.3% 9.2% of costs were a result of of costs were a result of DRINKING DURING ALCOHOL- PREGNANCY ATTRIBUTABLE CRIME 76.4% 12.1% of costs were of costs were a result of It was also found that of the $223.5 BILLION a result of BINGE UNDERAGE DRINKING DRINKING Who is paying for all of this? FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT BEAR A LOT OF THESE ECONOMIC COSTS. FAMILIES AND EMPLOYERS OF EXCESSIVE DRINKERS PICK UP WHAT EXCESSIVE DRINKERS THEMSELVES DON'T PAY. For every drink consumed, the average cost to the economy was $1.90. 25¢ 25¢ 25¢ 10¢ 5c How does your state stack up on total cost per drink? $0.50 - $0.99 $1.00 - $1.49 $1.50 - $1.99 $2.00 - $2.50+ NH $0.88 WA $2.13 VT ME $1.45 MT $1.51 ND $1.73 $1.36 MN MA OR $1.65 $1.76 $1.75 ID NY WI $1.57 SD $2.11 $1.60 $1.45 MI RI $2.16 WY $1.74 $1.91 PA IA $1.81 ст NE $1.64 | $1.91 NV $1.57 он IN $1.82 $1.94 $1.23 $1.92 UT NJ co $1.95 $2.74 wv $2.01 $1.69 CA VA $2.25 KS MO $1.92 KY $2.09 $1.86 $2.06 DE $1.40 NC $2.00 TN ок $2.09 AZ MD NM $2.67 AR SC $1.96 $2.07 $2.36 $2.12 $1.77 DC GA AL MS $1.94 $2.35 $2.05 $1.93 TX LA $1.89 $1.75 $1.53 AK $2.34 $1.42 Of this $1.90, the amount the government picks up is $0.80 or $94.2 billion. 25¢ 25¢ 25¢ 10¢ 5c $94.2 billion? That's a lot of tax dollars! That is comparable to: 4 YEARS OF COLLEGE TUITION FOR 1,154,610 A YEAR'S SALARY FOR 1,894,229 STUDENTS 09990 PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS (or half of the elementary and secondary school teachers in the U.S.) THE CONSTRUCTION OF 942,000 COMMUNITY PARKS The cost of excessive drinking is expensive for everyone. This addiction costs the economy and your loved ones far more than the cost of treatment. If you or your loved one is ready to take a different path toward a healthy, happier life, call American Addiction Centers today at 844.222.0070. SOURCES: American Addiction Centers

The Hidden Costs of Alcoholism

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What is alcoholism really costing America's economy? There's more to it than you realize.


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