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Heroin | Recovery Treatment Place

EROIΝ WHAT IS HEROIN? Heroin is processed from mor- phine, a naturally occuring substance extracted from cer- tain poppy plant varieties. THE AVERAGE ADDICT MAINTAINING THEIR SPENDS UP TO НАBIT $200 A DAY SHORT - TERM EFFECTS 2 3. 1 IMPAIRED MENTAL FUNCTIONING 4 EUPHORIA 3. NAUSEA AND VOMITING 4 DEPRESSED RESPIRATION SUPPRESSION OF PAIN LONG - TERM EFFECTS BACTERIAL INFECTIONS 1 5. ABSCESSES 4 3. INFECTION OF HEART LINING AND VALVES 9. INFECTIOUS DISEASES, SUCH AS HIV/AIDS AND HEPATITIS B AND C 7. COLLAPSED VEINS 5 ADDICTION ARTHRITIS AND OTHER RHEUMATO- 7. LOGIC PROBLEMS HOW IS IT USED? Injected, Snorted or Smoked. A typical heroin abuser could inject as many as four or five times a day. While all forms of heroin use are addictive, injec- tion directly into the veins pro- vides the highest intensity and most rapid onset of the high. Cardiac function slows. After the initial effects, users usually feel drowsy for several hours. Mental function is clouded by heroin's effect on the central nervous system. Breathing is also severely slowed sometimes to the point of death. COPYRIGHT Recovery Treatment Place CALL NOW! (504) 684-8926 SOURCE:

Heroin | Recovery Treatment Place

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Heroin is one of the most addictive and dangerous drug in the world. Heroin is used by injecting, snorting and smoked. There are short-term effects of heroin that includes euphoria, nausea, impaired ...


Recovery Treatment Place


Recovery Treatment Place


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