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The Herb Body Map

The Herb Body Map Face/Head lemon balm Soothes migraine Tension headaches Chamomile Lemon balm Cinquefoil Bilberry herb Mind Ulcers lavender Eyes – treat cataracts Teeth - gingivitis Teeth – gum disease Calamus Sage Lavender Memory enhancer Aids sleep, calms Enhance memory Eucalyptus Ginkgo St John's Wort Anti-depressant Avena Nervous exhaustion Throat blue mallow California poppy Anxiety/stress Soothes, disinfects, and astringes the mucous membranes, treats laryngitis Eases sore throat/cures cough Contains mucilage that coats the throat and eases soreness Balm of Gilead Blue mallow Slippery elm Lungs ginseng Anti-asthmatic Heart & Chest Ginseng Lemongrass Expelling mucus Anti-asthmatic annatto Alfalfa Amla Reduce cholesterol Asafoetida Asthma, bronchitis Annatto Heartburn Astralagus Antioxidant for heart disease Boldo Heartburn Stomach mint Kidneys Thyme Rosemary Oregano Removes mucus from intestinal tract dandelion Can cure constipation Reduces gas Calms stomach cramps Dandelion Diuretic Patchouli Diuretic Mint Dandelion root Neutralize excess acids Breaks down kidney stones Prevent cystic kidneys (removes harmful methyl malonate) Gravel root Stimulate saliva, aid in digestion Calms upset stomach Ginger Echinacea Agrimony Arrowroot Treats diarrhoea Bladder Calms gastric irritation Soothe stomach ulcers Avens arrow root Bay leaves Galangal Moringa Curb motion sickness Urinary tract infections Urinary tract infections Prostate problems Aids bladder control, strengthens bladder muscles Arrow root Soothe gastric ulcers Barberry bark Saw palmetto Horsetail Skin aloe vera Aloe vera Soothes dry skin Lavender Beneficial effects on skin diseases Echinacea Anti-acne Blue flag root Comfrey Patchouli Treats psoriasis Lessen scarring Acts as an antiseptic Joints chamomile Chamomile Used against cramps Anti-inflammatory Osteoporosis Ashwagandha Avena Basil Eases arthritis Birch leaves Rheumatism GBaldwin&Co Devil's claw Osteoarthritis London's oldest herbalist since 1844 Visit us at

The Herb Body Map

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We’ve gathered together this simple infographic that will help you see which herbs are commonly associated and used for which parts of the body.





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