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Heart Health

Heart health Heart disease in the UK Coronary heart disease UK deaths 2010 Total, all ages Under 35 35-44 45-54 55-64 65-74 75+ 80,568 138 847 3,125 7,394 14,036 55,028 Deaths by gender Male Female 46,491 33,977 UK deaths by cause 2010 Heart attack symptoms Symptoms of a heart attack can vary from one person to another. They can range from a severe pain in the centre of the chest, to having mild chest discomfort that makes you feel generally unwell. In some cases, chest pain or discomfort are accompanied by other symptoms Men Other cause Stroke 7% Other cardiovascular disease 8% • Central chest pain; a dull pain, ache or 'heavy' feeling in your chest; or a mild discomfort in your chest that makes you feel generally unwell. The pain or discomfort may feel like a bad episode of indigestion Heart disease 17% O This pain or discomfort may spread to the arms, neck, jaw, back or stomach Women Other cause Stroke • As well as having chest pain or discomfort you can feel light-headed or dizzy and short of breath 10% 9% Other cardiovascular disease O You may also feel nauseous or vomit Heart disease 12% Source: British Heart Foundation Risk factors 16 High blood pressure Physical activity Smoking Diabetes High cholesterol A silent threat as there are usually no symptoms. The only way of knowing is to have it measured by heart disease compared your GP or nurse If you are inactive, you have twice the risk of dying from coronary Smokers have nearly twice the risk of having a cause damage to your heart attack compared to people who have never smoked Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the blood, too much can increase your risk Over time diabetes can heart and blood vessels with active people Diet Gender Age Ethnic background Family history A healthy diet helps to reduce your risk of devel- oping heart disease Men are more likely to develop coronary heart disease at an earlier age than women The older you are, the more likely you are to develop heart disease People from South Asian or black African backgrounds are at a higher risk If a closely related family member has/had heart disease you may be at an increased risk of developing it Heart facts Heart beats per minute compared Blue Whale Elephant 28 Man 72 Cat Life span 140 Rabbit 205 Rat Rabbit 420 7 years Blue Whale 80 - 90 years Hummingbird Mouse 3-5 years Mouse 2 years 670 Cat 15 years Elephant 70 years Rat 3.5 years Hummingbird* UK man 78 years 1,260 *Active neart rate PRESS AA PPP HEALTHCARE AS SOCIATION Sources: British Heart Foundation, National Geographic,,,, ratbehavior.Org., redefining /standards

Heart Health

shared by pagraphics on Feb 25
Infographic produced by the Press Association Graphics department for the AXA health blog. Visualisation looks at heart health in the UK


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