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The Hearing Loss Journey

JIM'S HEARING LSS JOURNEY It all starts with a little "What's that?" Pretty soon the TV's so loud the neighbors can hear it. Yes, Jim has embarked on the sometimes-bumpy road to hearing aids. "My steak was great, but I couldn't hear a word they said." "How was dinner with the grandkids?" 1 IN 5 AMERICANS HAVE HEARING LOSS IN AT LEAST ONE EAR.** WIFE JIM Most people notice their hearing loss gradually. "Dad can you hear me? I just asked "If you'd stop mumbling l'd understand you." you a question." SON JIM Hearing loss can be frustrating, but you're certainly not alone. When people have trouble hearing, they often avoid certain social situations. "Why didn't you "Ah, I'm tired of parties. All that noise drives me nuts." come to Ron's retirement party?" FRIEND JIM While there is a link between age and hearing loss, it can affect people of all ages. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF HEARING LOSS? • Missing certain words or misunderstanding conversations • Needing others to repeat what they say • Difficulty following conversations in groups or when there's background noise " Jim, maybe you should get your hearing tested." "C'mon, Tom, I'm not THAT old!" • Ringing or buzzing in your ears • Difficulty hearing outdoor sounds, such as birds or the wind FRIEND JIM THERE ARE MANY CAUSES OF "Dad, you don't come to our family outings anymore! I miss talking with you." "All right. I'll get my hearing tested. I wonder where I should go. HEARING LOSS, INCLUDING: • Extended exposure to loud noise • Certain medical treatments and medications Earwax buildup and infections • Head trauma and certain medical conditions • Heredity SON JIM A hearing screening from an audiologist or a hearing healthcare specialist, can identify if you have hearing loss and, if so, the extent. WHAT IS AN AUDIOLOGIST? Audiologists are university trained hearing care professionals who hold master's and doctoral degrees in audiology. NOT YOUR GRANDPA'S HEARING AID CIC AID Some aids fit right in the canal and are barely visible. Others are more visible but designed for easy adjustment. BLUETOOTH Some hearing aids can be used with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, mp3 players, and other audio devices. Your hearing loss is unique, so it makes sense that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. REMOTE CONTROL A remote control can allow you to quickly and easily make adjustments without having to touch or remove your hearing aid. "How are your new hearing aids working?" "I wish I hadn't waited so long! They even have a 75-day trial." WIFE JIM Call 763.545.8193 to schedule your complimentary hearing screening" or go to to learn more about hearing loss and the solutions we offer. THE SONUS EXPERIENCE STEP 1: Sonus hearing health professionals take the time to learn what better hearing means to you. Come to any Sonus location and receive a complimentary screening with an audiologist. STEP 2: If the screening does uncover a problem, we'll recommend a comprehensive exam that tests for hearing at multiple pitches and volumes, while simulating different environments. SONUS. professionals hearing care STEP 3: We'll explore solutions and customize one to your unique needs. Then, you'll get a 75-day trial," so you can ensure you've made the right choice. OPEN SONUS (75 DAY WAY * Sonus hearing screenings and ear canal inspections are always free. Where applicable, these services are not medical exams and are only intended to assist with amplification selection. Please see your physician if you suspect a medical condition. SONUS.COM ** Hearing aids must be returned within 75-day period to qualify for refund. In some locations a re-stocking fee may apply. TRIAL *** Johns Hopkins, Archives of Internal Medicine, November 14, 2011. SONUS hearing care professionals

The Hearing Loss Journey

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Discover Jim's hearing loss journey as he identifies symptoms and solutions





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