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Healthy Lifestyle: Habits, Hobbies, and Scientific Facts

It's All About Lifestyle 24 Healthy Habits, Hobbies & Scientific Facts Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle 1. Improved diet 2. Stress management Work on your diet and make While stress is impossible to avoid in everyday life, there are still ways to reduce its it more varied. Include foods of different colors, watch your portions, and pay attention to how often you eat. This way you'll give your body the right amount of all influence on your health. Find the activity that relieves stress the best for you. Try exercising, meditation, or the critical nutrients. yoga. 3. Good sleep It's no secret that good sleep is the key to a healthy life. But it's always worth reminding you, as people tend to neglect this fact. Get enough sleep (7-9 hours for people of most age groups), make it regular (go to bed at the same time), and you'll see improvements in no time. Fact It's important to pay attention to your sleep cycles. For most people, the cycle runs through 90-minute intervals of deep and light sleep phases. So, it's better to wake up during the light phase after 6, 7.5, or 9 hours of sleep to feel fully rested and energetic. Milk 4. Healthy drinking Don't forget to stay hydrated. This is another no-brainer that usually goes underappreciated. It's not only about drinking enough water during the day. It's also about picking up other healthy drinking habits. Like drinking green tea, giving up soda, and avoiding adding cream or sugar to your tea and coffee. 5. Walking as much as possible This is the least you can do to add a bit more healthy action to your everyday life. It never hurt anyone to use the stairs instead of the elevator to get to that third floor. Or to take a 15-minute walk instead of a 5-minute bus ride. Fact Even just three walking sessions per week willI bring good results. You'll see improvements in both body composition and physical performance. Regular walks will have even more long-term positive effects. 6. Word puzzles 7. Self-motivation Giving your brain a stretch If just being healthy is not enough, set additional motivators for yourself. Give yourself a goal that's only possible to reach if you have a healthy lifestyle. This will help you stay on track and prevent you from giving up on the idea. every once in a while is as important as keeping the rest of your body healthy. Word puzzles are a perfect fit for that. They improve your attention, memory, and reasoning skills. Healthy Lifestyle Hobbies 8. Dancing This hobby can help you manage your weight, strengthen your bones, and improve your heart health. There are a number of dancing styles, so you can definitely find the one that's the most fun for you. Fact The world celebrates International Dance Day on April 29th. It was introduced in 1982. 9. Music 10. Cooking Being able to play an One of the greatest benefits of this hobby is that you can instrument, sing, or write songs is beneficial in multiple ways. Music improves your mood, reduces anxiety, boosts creativity, and promotes prepare numerous healthy meals for yourself. Planning your diet won't be a problem, as you'll always know how to deal with cooking the verbal and visual skills. necessary dishes. 11. Writing Writing acts as an outstanding outlet for your thoughts and emotions. It also helps improve your sleep and reduce stress. Apart from that, you can connect with other people by sharing what you've written. Fact Friedrich Nietzsche was one of the first philosophers to use a typewriter for his work. 12. Photography 13. Swimming (or other This hobby perfectly sports) combines with other interests (like traveling, for instance). You will not only start seeing beauty in regular things, but you'll also have an extra reason to go out for a walk or a hike. This one speaks for itself. Just like dancing, picking up pretty much any type of sport will have a positive effect on your body. Just pick the one you like the most and start improving your health. Irlilial 14. Chess (or other games) Again, it's not only your body that needs training. Start playing chess or choose a different game that you enjoy. Games that involve logical and strategic thinking, puzzles, and even action-based ones positively influence your cognitive functions. Fac The longest theoretically possible game of chess would include 5,949 moves. What's the Connection? How Fitness and Exercise Influence Your Studies and Life 15. Improved IQ 16. Better focus Studies prove that people who exercise regularly are There's a link between brain performance and cardiovascular health. more able to focus their Researchers have found that attention during difficult cognitive tasks. Even those who only exercise for a couple of months can already see improvements. people who improve their cardiovascular health (mainly young adults) also see an increase in their level of IQ. 17. Emotional resilience 18. Higher self-esteem Under the same Reviews of scientific studies circumstances, people who regularly exercise are better able to maintain a positive prove that there's a clear connection between regular exercise and increased mood in stressful situations self-esteem in all age groups. The type of exercise performed also has an impact, but overall, the more fit a person is-the higher compared to those who don't exercise. their self-esteem. 19. Fatigue prevention During exercise, the hormones dopamine and serotonin are released, both of which influence the central neural system. They 20. Improvement of executive functions Studies show that regular exercise is one of the simplest improve our mood and help prevent mental fatigue. ways to optimize our executive functions. Those include attention, inhibitory control, goal management, task switching, and more. These functions in turn influence our behavior, problem solving, organizing, and planning. 21. Better short-term memory The level of exercise intensity influences your memory differently, according to study results. Researchers claim that a 22. Enhanced speed significant improvement in short-term memory occurs of thinking after 30-minute workout sessions of moderate There have been multiple intensity. studies that have found a connection between improved white matter integrity and regular exercise. The brain's white matter plays a leading role in data transmission. 23. Reduced anxiety A review of numerous studies proved that exercise has a moderate effect on 24. Better sleep quality reducing anxiety. And the more stressed a person is-the stronger the effect. After conducting multiple studies, researchers state that there's a positive influence on quality of sleep in people who have started exercising. The people who used to be the least active benefitted from picking up exercise the most. Sources 1. 2. e/ 3. -daily-health-habits/ 4. mprove-your-life_us_589a17c8e4b0985224db5ab6 5. st-hobbies-you-can-ever-have.html 6. and-his-typewri ter-a-malling-hansen-writing-ball.html 7. s2 8. 9. 10. 11. ull 12. The_Effec t_of_Exercise_on_Global_Self-Esteem_A_Quantitative_Review 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 963#. VJ4NTF4B_w 18. Created by Custom Writing

Healthy Lifestyle: Habits, Hobbies, and Scientific Facts

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A guide to elements that you can implement in your life to be healthy and their influence on your brain and body.


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