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Healthy Eyes on the Digital World

Everywhere we go, we now carry our digital world with us. People spend an average of 6 hours per day in front of a digital device. What does that do to our eyes? For Неathy some eye-opening information about the strain we place on our eyes - and what we can do to relieve it {n IN A DIGITAL WORLD for read on. Keeping Your Eyes Healthy IN A DIGITAL WORLD O Using computers and digital gadgets all day can lead to CVS, computer vision syndrome, which includes: blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes, or even long-term nearsightedness. But we don't necessarily need to cut the computer cord completely. Adjust Your 10-20° ENVIRONMENT 20-26"- > Sit 20 to 26 inches away from the screen, with the center about 4 to 6 inches below your eyes You should be looking slightly downward. 90° 26 > Tilt your computer screen. The top should be slightly farther away than the bottom. Make sure you are using the right brightness and contrast so you don't have to strain to see clearly. >Adjust the size of the text on the screen so you don't have to squint. > For extended reading, change your monitor settings to a reflective lighting scheme. Take a BREAK Beware of Computer Keep to the 20-20-20 RADIATION rule. Every Extremely low radiation frequency found in computers can affect your eyesight. 20 minutes Flat-screen computers are more than eve-catching; they are eye-savers. O LCD (liquid crystal display) screens are better on the eyes than the older CRT (cathode ray-tubes) computers. take a 20 BREAK! second Look at something that is 20 CRT screen feet away. LCD screen How Technology 1S HELPING While the digital world may strain our eyes at times, it can also be extremely useful. Smartphones and other technology are bringing us easier ways to diagnose and treat eyesight issues. "MIT Researchers have created a device that scans your eyes and detects the presence of cataracts." Digital Retinal Imaging (DRI) scans the entire retina - without doctors having to dilate your pupil. While a traditional exam only looked at a small portion of the retina, the DRI looks at 85% of the retina. This helps in diagnosing diseases early on, such as macular degeneration or detached retinas. The Bionic CONTACT LENS? They aren't science fiction anymore. Researchers are working on a contact lens with optoelectronic components and hundreds of LEDS. GLUCOSE LEVEL V Some smart lenses already on the market have sensors that keep track of a person's health. Ex: Glucose levels for a diabetic. It will display text for the hearing impaired or translate speech into captions that the lens wearer could "see." >Smart contact lenses may someday be as common as smartphones. >Other smart lenses in development not only can monitor health but dispense medicine the eye. The Internet will be on your lenses; just blink and you'll be online! Cellphone and Tablet Apps HELP YOU FOCUS ON EYE CARE me quick þrown fox jumps ove the lazy de The quick •Vision Test app for iPhone Test Results Find a nearby Optician ateay dg Eye Reader app for iPhone not only illuminates what you are reading but also can magnify it up to 5 times. measures your visual perception, far field vision, and color accuracy (for colorblindness), and helps you find the nearest optician. You may he a problem with your ahort feld vtaion in one or more of your eyes Astigmatisim You don't hemet ...-...... While not a subatitute for a visit to an eye doctor, scientists are working on an app that would eramine your eyes and give you an eyeglass prescription. KEEP YOUR EYE ON WHAT'S IMPORTANT. Regular eye checkups are critical... so is making sure: a Eyes Ahead Your computer station is set up properly, and that the fonts on mobile devices are sized correctly. New products may also preserve your eyesight. In short, you can keep your eyesight healthy with a little technological foresight. i http://science1.nasa.g i Sources ........- {}

Healthy Eyes on the Digital World

shared by Angel on Jan 31
Using computers all the time can damage the eyes. This infographic provides information for how to protect your eyes when you are using digital tools.




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