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Healthy Children in Ontario

What happened to the HEALTHY children? One third of children in Ontario are considered overweight. If nothing changes, the current generation of children will develop chronic illnesses much younger and be more affected as they age. In 2009, the cost of obesity in Ontario was $4.5 billion. This will continue to grow unless we make a change now. 1 in 3 children in Ontario are overweight Factors affecting healthy lifestyle in children genes Some kids are genetically predisposed to be heavier. S sleep Over the past 20 years children have been getting 30-60 minutes of less sleep a night. Kids who get less sleep gain more weight. Mental health problems and side effects from medications can drive health overeating and lead to weight gain. Technology has changed the way children are spending their time... Children spend 62 per cent of their waking hours sedentary. That's 8.6 hours per day L 以 月 Children spend 7 hours and 48 minutes per day in front of a screen (television, computers, etc) Kids who log 2+ hours of screen time per day are two times as likely to be overweight as children who spend 1 hour or less in front of a screen. Factors affecting food choices in children 35 per cent of all the sugar Canadians consume comes from added sugars foods and drinks. 75 per cent of children are not meeting the suggested daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. Average daily sugar intake, by age group & gender, household population aged 1 or older, Canada excluding territories, 2004. 200 180 160 140 120 1000 80 60 40 20 1 to 3 4 to 8 9 to 13 19 to 30 Age group Female 51 to 70 70+ Male Marketing affecting food choices In one week children are exposed to O 2,315 food ads 83 per cent for non-core foods 24 per cent for fast foods Quebec banned food advertising to children, resulting in 13 per cent reduction in spending on fast foods and 4 billion less calories consumed by children. Physically active, healthy-eating kids are more likely to: Get better grades Graduate high school Develop better problem-solving skills Participate in class Play better with peers Have higher self-esteem Source: Piktochart -I make information beautiful Grams

Healthy Children in Ontario

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This infographic charts the health and fitness lifestyles and obesity rates among Canadian youth, particularly in Ontario. Created for an Online Journalism course at Ryerson University in Toronto, O...


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