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Healthcare's Latest Fashion Statement: Wearables

HEALTHCARE'S LATEST FASHION STATEMENT: WEARABLES WEARABLE DEVICES TO ENHANCE HEALTH HAVE COME A LONG WAY, BUT THE JOURNEY IS FAR FROM OVER EMBRACED BY CONSUMERS The explosion in wearable device adoption, especially related to health and self-care, is expected to continue. MOST POPULAR HEALTHWEARABLES 684% INCREASE IN WEARABLE SMARTBAND MARKET GROWTH FOR THE FIRST HALF OF 2014! SMART WATCHES FITNESS MHEALTH BANDS DEVICES 130 MILLIONH 61% 45% 17% CONSUMERS WILL BUY NEARLY 112 MILLION WEARABLE COMPUTER DEVICES BY 2018, A 78% INCREASE OVER 2014'S PREDICTED SALES. WEARABLE DEVICES WILL BE SHIPPED TO CONSUMERS BY 2018.? ELEVATED BY THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY According to Lux Research, clinical devices are soon expected to outpace their consumer counterparts. SPENDING ON WEARABLES DATA 2 CLASSES OF WEARABLE DEVICES HAVE EMERGED: COLLECTION WILL REACH PHYSICIAN- $52 MILLION PRESCRIBED BY 2019. MAINSTREAM CONSUMER DEVICES TANGIBLE BENEFITS FOR AN INCREASINGLY DIGITAL INDUSTRY Wearable technology has only begun to scratch the surface when it comes to positively impacting all aspects of care. THE BENEFITS OF WEARABLE HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES: $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ %$$$$$$$ IMPROVE PATIENT HEALTH $$$$ ADVOCATED BY INSURANCE COMPANIES $$$$$ HOSPITAL COSTS COULD DROP BY AS MUCHAS 16% OVER THE COURSE OF 5 YEARS. 6% REDUCTION IN HOSPITAL COSTS FOR PATIENTS WHO BECAME ACTIVEAS A RESULT OF A WEARABLE DEVICE NEW WEARABLES SHOW PROMISE FOR CHRONIC CONDITIONS:" DIABETES ALZHEIMER'S AND DEMENTIA REMOTE PATIENT MONITORING TECHNOLOGIES NEUROPATHIC DEPRESSION MACULAR COULD SAVE OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM PAIN DEGENERATION $200B OVER THE NEXT 25 YEARS.10 WEARABLE RX? SURVEY OF ADULTS NOT USING FITNESS TRACKING DEVICES:" 48% 44% 57% :25 SAID BETTER HEALTHCARE ADVICE FROM THEIR PHYSICIAN WOULD BE ANINCENTIVETOUSE ONE, WOULD USE ONE SAID THE POSSIBILITY OF LOWER HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS WOULD MAKE THEM MORE LIKELY TO USE THEM. PROVIDED BY THEIR PHYSICIAN. WEARABLE HEALTH TECHNOLOGY – A BRIEF HISTORY In 1975, the calculator wristwatch was marketed and sold to the public." From PDAS to smart headsets, wearables have come a long way the last 40 years! A WEARABLES EVOLUTION'415 2008 FITBIT 1987 2014 1993 APPLE NEWTON PDA 2013 DIGITAL GOOGLE APPLE HEARING AID GLASS WATCH STILL GROWING INTO ITS ROLE IN HEALTHCARE As we look to the future, there are still valid concerns regarding wearable health technology that will likely get ironed out: STANDARDS EASY ACCESS TO DATA, CONNECTION TO EMRS STILL A STRUGGLE AS STANDARDS LAG BEHIND. ACCURACY INACCURATE INSTRUMENTS AFFECT PATIENT SAFETY. TRAINING PRACTITIONERS NEED NEW SKILLS TO WORK EFFECTIVELY INA WEARABLE WORLD. PRIVACY WE NEED BENCHMARK RULES FOR TRACKED DATA, DATA USE THE WEARABLE HEALTH FIELD NEEDS TO FIND NEW WAYS INWHICH WEARABLES CAN MAKE A DIRECT IMPACT. IT'S CLEAR WE'VE MERELY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE OF WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES WHAT WEARABLE HEALTH DEVICES WILL OFFER AND THAT SUPPORT CARE IN YOUR ORGANIZATION? HOW THEY WILL CHANGE THE FACE OF HEALTHCARE. VISIT COMMUNIT OR CONTACT THE PEOPLE WHO GET IT. CDW PEOPLE WHO GET IT" O @CDW Healthcare in CDW-Healthcare HEALTHCARE Sources: 1., "History of Wearable Technology." September 2014 2., "Wearable Technology: The Comng Revolution In Healthcare,"May 2014 3., "When WearableHealth Trackers Meet Your Doctor,"August, 2014 4 Is Wearable Technology the Future of Healthcare?" September 2014 5., "Wearing the Cure: Flve Diseases Wearables are Tadkiling" August 2014 6., "Healthcare Dives Into Big Data,"May 2014 7. "Wearable Tech Can Extend Cilnical Ánay tics,"August 2014 8., "How Wearable Technology is Transforming Moble Health (nfographic),"May 2014 9. Is Wearable Technology the Future of Healthcare?" September 2014 10. Prnewswirecom, "Gobal mHealth Monitoring and Dlagnostic Medcal Devlces Market - Trends and Forecast to 2019: Gucose Monitors Anticpatedas Fastest Growing Segment for the Forecast Perlod at a CAGR of 49.4,"May 2014 11., "Wearables the Cure Ave Diseases Wearables are Tacking."August 2014 12., "Study: Wearable Technology and Preventative Heathcare," September 2014 13. "The Rise of Wearables/Future Gear," August 2014 14. "The Rise of Wearables/Future Gear," August 2014 15., "The History of Wearable Tech, From the Casho to the Consumer,"May 2014

Healthcare's Latest Fashion Statement: Wearables

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The popularity of wearables continues to skyrocket, with a 684% increase (yes, you read that right!) in smartband market growth in the first half of 2014 alone. Consumers aren’t the only fans of ...


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