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The Health Risks of Binge Drinking

Health Risks of Binge Drinking What is binge drinking? Binge drinking is common in the U.S. A pattern of drinking that brings a person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 or higher 1 in 6 U.S. adults binge drinks about 4 times a month-that's 40 million people More than half of all alcohol consumption occurs during binge drinking 90% of alcohol consumed by underage drinkers is consumed during binge drinking For men, consuming 5 or more drinks in 2 hours For women, consuming 4 or more drinks in 2 hours Men are twice as likely to binge drink as women Consuming alcohol affects the body in a number of ways Resting heart rate and blood pressure rise initially, then fall with increased alcohol consumption Blood vessels dilate Insulin production in the pancreas increases, leading to lowered blood sugar Central nervous system function decreases Coordination is impaired and reaction time increases Binge drinking results in progressive bodily impairment over time 10-12+ drinks: Critical impairment of cognitive function Potentially toxic levels of alcohol in the bloodstream Complete loss of bodily coordination Slowed breathing and heart rate Severe dehydration and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) Risk of hypothermia Excessive vomiting Inhibition of pharyngeal (gag) reflex Loss of consciousness Risk of coma or death 6-10 drinks: Severe impairment of vision, memory, attention, decision-making skills, balance and coordination Slurred speech Dehydration Low blood sugar Reduced immune system function Drowsiness Blackouts 4-6 drinks: Increased impairment of memory, speech, reaction time, balance and coordination Increased risk of aggression Increased risk of accidents and injury Decreased inhibitions Nausea and vomiting Significant driving impairment 1-2 drinks: Mild impairment of attention, coordination, memory and speech Increased heart rate, dilated blood vessels Feelings of relaxation Other risks of binge drinking Stroke Pancreatitis Digestive system inflammation Cardiac arrhythmias Sexual dysfunction Accidents and injuries, both self-inflicted and homicidal Risky and unprotected sexual activity Acute lung injury ? ZZZzzz.. Sleep disturbances Amnesia Loss of personal items Alcohol poisoning Coma Death Binge drinking is a widespread public heath issue that costs the United States more than $191 billion every year While excessive alcohol consumption can have pervasive effects on the body, most effects of binge drinking are temporary Avoid the long-term health risks of alcohol abuse by avoiding binge drinking and drinking alcohol responsibly ODYSSEY HOUSE A NON-PROFIT Information From: http://www.cdc.gow/alcohol/fact-sheets/binge-drinking htm https://www.k-state.edw/counselng/student/andes news/f02vol30.pdf http://pvos.nlaaanh gov/publications/AlcohalOverdosefactshest/Overdosefact.htm aspx http://pubs.nizaanihgowpublications/Hangovers/beyandHanguvers.htm http://www.collegedritkingprevention gowcollegestudents/anatonybody nonflashasp. http://archve.spht.harvardedavcas/Documents/jama_ 1994/1993pdf

The Health Risks of Binge Drinking

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It’s no secret that alcoholism can wreak havoc on the body. Yet another issue that is seldom talked about—yet just as devastating—is binge drinking. Binge drinking is generally defined as a patt...


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