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Health Headaches: Why Do We Avoid Our Doctors?

Health-or the absence of it-is one of Health Americans' primary concerns. Magazines and TV ads are plastered with diet tips, exercise regimens and more. But as much as we're obsessed with our health, we often fare poorly when it comes to maintaining it. We avoid sharing personal problems with our primary care providers (PCP) and sometimes even neglect going to the doctor at all. Why aren't we taking care of ourselves? And more importantly, Headaches Why are we avoiding our doctors? how can that be fixed? I'd Give Anything to Be Healthy.. 80% of Americans would forfeit something to have perfect health Eating at restaurants 18% 32% Sex 45% 26% Cell phone Eating chocolate Except Visit My Doctor 68% Americans who report neglecting their health to some degree Nearly 2 in 3 Americans have chosen not to Fewer than 1 in 4 Americans see their doctor for preventative measures see their PCP even when they had a health concern Why Do We Avoid the Doctor? We Hate Waiting We Feel Rushed typical wait time at a doctor's office 27% feel rushed to 20 minutes finish their appointment are annoyed by wait times 43% that exceed time spent with their PCP We're Scared-and We Keep Secrets 64% are afraid to learn about a serious health problem 45% have kept health information from their PCP would consider holding back 60% information from their doctor, depending on the situation What We Lie About 22% Alcohol consumption 33% Frequency of exercise 33% Stress 25% Sexual activity 17% Smoking What's Holding Us Back? 37% feared judgment 24% didn't want to know the health consequences of their behavior 37% were embarrassed didn't feel comfortable discussing personal issues with their PCP 14% We Also Lie About Our Health to 48% Friends 42% Parents 22% Spouse/significant other What Would Help? 80% A majority of Americans agree that their experience could be improved... .. and it all boils down to convenience. Our Wish List Scheduling: 46% want the ability to make appointments online 59% want appointments that start on time 37% want to be able to reschedule appointments online 54% want same-day appointments TUES 3. Access: 46% 44% 43% would like to be able to access their personal health records express a desire to reach their doctor anytime want to be able to email their doctor about health questions 32% 26% want the ability to fill out standard forms before their visit would like to get payment and insurance information before going to the doctor one Source: Kelton Research conducted the online study of 1,049 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and older. MEDICAL GROUP February 2012

Health Headaches: Why Do We Avoid Our Doctors?

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Most Americans are focused on attaining the optimal level of health. But when it comes down to it, we're not making progress toward that goal. Here's what patients--not health industry insiders--say a...


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