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Health Effects Of Flip Flops On Your Feet

The Effects of FLIP FLOPS on Your Body What should you know? According to the National Foot Health Assessment 2012, 78% of those age 21 and older have experienced one or more foot problems in their lives. To what extent are flip flops the cause of it? FLIP FLOP STRUCTURE Medical experts agree that this popular summertime footwear can cause serious foot problems. Calf Ankle muscle Flips flops do not have straps that support around the ankle. Sprains and twists can occur more easily when wearing these shoes. Heel pain Pain along the plantar fascia is caused when there is too much strain on the main connective tissue from the heel to the toes. Tibia Pain is often described as a burning or stabbing sensation in the heel when walking. Straps Health experts say the strap does not help keep the foot in the shoe. Achilles- tendon Toes One study found people tend to scrunch their toes as the heel is lifted in the air while walking. This type of movement at the wrong time in the gait cycle can lead to head, neck and hip problems. Plantar fascia ligament Arch Lacking support Flat, thin-soled flip flops have no arch support, causing the foot to collapse and lie unnaturally flat on the shoe. Thin, flexible soles do not provide enough cushioning for the heel. Back of left foot (ankle inward) • Ankle Heel Heel Flip flop WALKING Flip flop wearers take short strides and turn their ankles inward. Long-term ankle and hip problems are a cause for concern. A GROWING TIPS FOR CONCERN CHOOSING AND WEARING FLIP Heel pain is growing among young FLOPS people ages 15 to 25 years. This is a group that normally does not have foot problems. Experts cite wearing flip flops daily as the main cause. • Choose flip flops with sturdier soles for better cushioning. Shoes of any kind should never fold in half or sideways. Built-in arch A recent survey showed parents blamed thong-style flip flops for causing foot injuries for their children. support Sturdy sole High quality, soft leather straps to help prevent blisters 22% 15% • Limit wearing flip flops for a short period of time, such as walking on the beach, around a pool, in locker room areas, hotel rooms or even to take out the trash. Rearfoot injuries Forefoot injuries • Never wear flip flops or leisure shoes while playing sports. A COSTLY MEDICAL • Try not to wear flip flops while driving, as the foot can slip and the sandal can get lodged under the pedals. ISSUE • Do not walk long distances in flip flops. In 2012, an estimated $62 million • Do not ignore irritations between toes where the toe thong rests. Blisters and infections can occur from the strap. was spent treating 200,000 foot injuries caused by flip flops in the United Kingdom alone. • Use sunscreen on feet while wearing flip flops. Common injuries: Foot fatigue Heel spurs • Experts recommend replacing thin-soled flip flops every 3-4 Infections Hip problems Lower back pain Cuts/scrapes months. Bunions Walking issues ZocDoc Disclaimer: You should always check with your doctor or professional healthcare provider before starting or changing any medical treatment. This infographic is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Sources: J Foot Ankle Res. 2013 Mar 5:6(1):8. doi: 10.1186/1757-1146-6-8, hoe-wearers.html ops-may-lead-to-foot-problems-experts-say/

Health Effects Of Flip Flops On Your Feet

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According to the 2012 National Foot Health Assessment, a full 78% of adults report having experienced foot pain at some time in their lives. How much of that is due to flip flops depends how often you...





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