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Health Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate

STI PRESENTS G6 HEALTH BENEFITS OF WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE SPORTS WHAT IS WHEY PROTEIN? Whey is one of two major proteins found in cow's milk. Whey protein is produced during the process of making cheese, which begins when special enzymes are added to milk causing it to separate. The curds are used to make cheese, leaving behind whey protein in the liquid portion. This liquid whey is then pasteurized and dried into a powder for various uses. CAUSES OF HAIR LOSS PREVENTION ALL VEGGIE OF HAIR WHEY Supplementing with whey protein can help prevent hair loss due to lack of protein. PROTEIN PLAYS A CRUCIAL PART IN BRAIN DEVELOPMENT AND FUNCTION. NEUROTRANSMITTERS BRAIN Help your brain communicate and send out signals to your body, and are essential to brain health. EROTONA AMINO ACIDS Come from protein, which are used to create different neurotransmitters. Help regulate your moods and play a part in brain functions like concentration, memóry and learning. WHEY PROTEIN HAS SHOWN TO REDUCE INCIDENCES OF: HEART HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE RISK OF STROKE HEART DISEASE 500 functions in the human body LIVER Whey supports liver functions Impossible without amino acids KIDNEYS High protein intake may accelerate kidney damage in people who have kidney disease. However, higher protein diets don't adversely affect kidney function in healthy people. NACH. STOMACH May improve digestion and can help to regulate bowel movements. 01 02 Improves the function of the gastric mucosa (stomach lining) and keeps it safe from injury. 03 It can be comsumed with or without a meal. MUSCLE katlstuN Workout and daily exercises deplete the energy levels in the body, leading to muscle deterioration. Whey protein is a great natural protein for building and repairing muscles. Proteins help repair injured or damaged tissue. PROTEINS TISSUE ORGANS T MAKE UP SKIN CELLS TISSUES MUSCLES Calculate your recommended daily protein intake based on your exercise routine: IF YOU ARE: TYPES OF WHEY PROTEIN: RECOMMENDED ICENTREA ISOLATS A recreational exerciser CONCE 0.5-0.7 g/lb An endurance athlete VS. 0.5-0.8 g/lb A strength training athlete 0.5-0.8 g/lb An athlete restricting calories 0.8-0.9 g/lb 20%-90% PROTEIN 90%-100% PROTEIN EQUATION 10% LACTOSE, MINERALS & FATS FREE OF LACTOSE & GLUTEN G/LB (Based on Routine) WEIGHT (LBS) х GRAMS OF PROTEIN (Per Day) STI PRESENTS G6 www.G6SPORTSNUTRITION.COM Sources,,,, SPORTS AVAILABLE AT GGNC PROTEIN DIET PROTEIN LACK

Health Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate

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G6 Sports uses cutting edge technology in their state-of-the-art facility to produce n all natural whey protein isolate that is free of gluten and lactose. Our protein powder is guaranteed to maximize...




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