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The Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet and Best Protein Sources

VEG OUT! The Basics of the Vegetarian Diet Whether you're hoping to institute a meatless Monday at your dinner table or something more permanent, NorthShore University HealthSystem has all the information you'll need to make the change a healthy one. +NorthShore University Health S ystem HEALTH BENEFITS Many of the foods that make up a which can result X HIGH IN FIBER & in significant vegetarian diet are: LOW IN FAT health benefits. Prevents Heart Disease Maintains Healthy Body Weight ONLY 29% VS. 69% of the 7.3 million of all Americans vegetarians over 20 are considered Reducing the amount of meat, particularly red meat, in your diet in the United States overweight are overweight CAN HELP LOWER YOUR RISK FOR HEART DISEASE. A study showed that overweight people who followed a low-fat, vegetarian diet LOST in the 1st year of their diet. 24 LBS. Avoid processed foods and add more plant-based, whole foods to your diet to decrease consumption of bad fats. TIP Removing meat from your diet doesn't necessarily mean cutting calories. Vegetarians can watch their calorie intake by focusing on whole, unprocessed food. REMEMBER GET YOUR PROTEIN HERE ARE SOME VEGETARIAN- FRIENDLY SOURCES OF PROTEIN for both full and part-time vegetarians. HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED? WOMEN MEN 46 grams of protein 56 grams of protein MEATLESS SOURCES BEANS & LEGUMES Chickpeas 17 grams / cup Kidney Beans 15 grams / cup Lentils 17 grams / cup COOKED VEGGIES Collard Greens Spinach Mushrooms 5 grams / cup 5. grams / cup 4 grams / cup NUTS& SEEDS Almonds Pistachios Chia Seeds 6 grams / oz 6 grams / oz 4 grams / oz SOY Tofu Tempeh 21 grams / 4 oz Edamame 12 grams / cup 9 grams / 4 oz COOKED WHOLE GRAINS Rolled Oats Quinoa 8 grams / cup Brown Rice 6 grams / cup 5 grams / cup DAIRY & EG6S Nonfat Greek Nonfat Milk Eggs 6 grams / egg 8 grams / cup Yogurt 17 grams / 6 oz HOW DOES MEAT STACK UP ? Turkey/ Chicken Breast Pork Loin Beef Compare the above to meat sources of protein 25 grams /100 gram serving 36 grams /100 gram serving Fish 22 grams /100 gram serving 30 grams /100 gram serving GOOD SOURCE OF: A vegetarian diet must also include adequate amounts of calcium, iron, zinc CALCIUM IRON ZINC VITAMIN B12 TIP and vitamin B12 as well. BOK CHOY SPINACH CHICKPEAS YOGURT SOURCES

The Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet and Best Protein Sources

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Low in fat and high in fiber are the benefits of a vegetarian diet that can help you prevent heart disease and some cancers. Studies also show that focusing on the best protein sources and unprocessed...


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