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The Health Benefits of Swimming

THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF SWIMMING INCREASED STRENGTH Water is roughly 12 times as dense as air 12x Each stroke and kick is essentially a resistance exercise Resistance training improves strength, muscle tone, and bone density BETTER FLEXIBILITY Swimming is a full-body exercise and doesn't isolate any muscles Ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles move freely through the water Reaching out with the arms and legs encourages lengthening and flexibility IMPROVED HEART HEALTH Swimming is an aerobic workout, which helps to strengthen the heart Aerobic exercise makes the heart larger and more efficient for better blood flow Just 30 minutes of exercise per day can significantly reduce heart disease risk BETTER CHOLESTEROL Aerobic exercise has been shown to raise levels of HDL, or "good" cholesterol For every 1% bump in HDL, the risk of dying from heart disease decreases by 3.5% 1% HDL = 3.5% Swimming also improves the health of the lining of your arteries WEIGHT CONTROL SWIMMING BURNS MANY CALORIES, AND THOSE NUMBERS RISE WHEN YOU SWIM FASTER IN A 155-POUND PERSON: 1 HOUR OF SWIMMING FAST FREESTYLE LAPS BURNS 704 CALORIES 1 HOUR OF SWIMMING BACKSTROKE BURNS 493 CALORIES 1 HOUR OF LEISURELY SWIMMING BURNS 422 CALORIES 1 HOUR OF TREADING WATER AT A MODERATE PACE BURN 281 CALORIES Aqua INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: POOLS 7he Paot Prafessionals AQUA POOLS, INC. wwW.INGROUNDPOOLBUILDERNAPERVILLE.COM Sources: -of-swimming.htm

The Health Benefits of Swimming

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Did you know that water is roughly 12 times as dense as air? Each stroke and kick is essentially a resistance exercise! Take a look at this Naperville pool builder infographic to see other health bene...


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