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Health Benefits of L-Theanine | Kenko Tea

HEALTH BENEFITS OF KENKÖ L-THEANINE ΚΕΝKO MATCHA TEA GREEN WHAT IS L-THEANINE? NH2 HO, KNOWN FOR IT'S AN AMINO ACID THAT FOUND IN GREEN TEA NATURAL STRESS NATURAL MOOD REDUCTION EFFECTS ENHANCER FOUND IN LEAVES AND SOME AND ANXIETY REDUCING MANY SUPPLEMENTS FUNGAL SPECIES PROPERTIES TOP6 HEALTH BENEFITS OF L-THEANINE O Relieves Stress and Anxiety: L-theanine has been shown to stimulate the brain's alpha waves, causing a calm alertness and promoting a more relaxed state in users. One study suggests it as effective as the anti-anxiety medication Xanax. 2 Management of blood presaure In 2012, a study found that L-theanine can help boost metabolism and fat burning which reduces high blood pressure and high cholesterol. 2008 2012 3 Improvement in cognition A study in 2008 has shown that L-theanine and caffeine synergy improved cognitive performance and mental alertness higher than caffeine alone did. O Improves Mood! L-theanine enhances Dopamine levels in the brain. A neurotransmitter thought to be a type of feel-good chemical. It is known to give us feelings of pleasure, motivation and excitement! 6 Enhancing concentration and memory L-theanine increases dopamine level which enhances our memory and concentration. Dopamine is a chemical in brain that has effect on cognition by sharpening concentration and memory and eliminating temptation and distraction. 6 Increase in energy L-theanine and caffeine both help boost energy. However, the effect of L-theanine also helps reduce the effect of crash, jittery, or anxiety from caffeine, which help the energy level lasts for 4-6 hours Sources: Brought to you by @ kenkotea kenkotea I

Health Benefits of L-Theanine | Kenko Tea

shared by phuongkani168 on Nov 28
A quick search for health benefits of matcha and one of the first things you’ll read about is the presence of L-theanine in green tea, and how it can help improve your well being. It’s said to inc...


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