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Health Benefits of drinking pure water

BENEFITS PURE WATER With increasing health awareness around the world, the consumption of purified water increased as well. TOP HEALTH BENEFITS LOSE WEIGHT Drinking pure mineral water is great for health because it does not contain any calories at all. There are 0 calories in an 8 FL oz. serving of Mineral Water. HEALTHIER BONES Studies have shown that mineral water Ca contains the right amount of calcium to help in maintaining the requisite bone density. Drinking mineral water every day can keep osteoporosis away as well. LOWER TENSION LEVELS Studies have proved that mineral water contains the right amount of magnesium salts to keep your blood pressure under control. REDUCES THE RISK OF HEART DISEASES Mineral water has potassium and magnesium in sufficient quantities to prevent the accumulation of LDL cholesterol. A sodium-rich carbonated mineral water reduces cardiovascular risk in postmenopausal women. BETTER DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Drinking mineral water can help in maintaining the level of sulphates. The sulphates in mineral water help the liver and pancreas break down food more easily. HELPS WITH MUSCLE CRAMPS AND ACHES The Mayo Clinic says not getting enough magnesium, potassium, and calcium can cause painful muscle cramping. Drinking mineral water can banish the cramps and improve muscle performance. MAINTAINS ELECTROLYTE BALANCE The U.S. National Library of Medicine defines electrolytes as minerals in your bodily fluids that carry an electrical charge. Drinking mineral water maintains the electrolyte balance in the system. SAY NO TO KIDNEY STONES The magnesium and calcium in mineral water helps prevent calcium oxalate stones. Reduce the risk of formation of kidney stones with regular intake of pure mineral water, SKIN BENEFITS Mineral waters contain lots of silica. This mineral promotes collagen growth and skin elasticity. Silica in large number helps skin look glowing and prevents wrinkles. PRECAUTIONS TO TAKE BEFORE CHOOSING MINERAL WATER Pay attention to the sodium content in the water you choose. Na Some brands of mineral water have an Na excess amount of salt in the water. Urban Baby says pregnant women should limit mineral water consumption. To avoid increasing the risk of high blood pressure in pregnancy, mineral water should not be the only drink a pregnant woman drinks due to its high sodium content Sources: DRINKING HEALTH

Health Benefits of drinking pure water

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Drinking eight glasses of water a day can keep the doctor away.


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