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Health Benefits of Cauliflowers

HEALTH BENEFITS OF CAULIFLOWER infographic Eating Cauliflower can reduce the risk of cancers like prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer and bladder cancer. It contains a group of compounds named glucosinolates which help to prevent cancers. CA ER Major Nutirients in Cauliflower Vitamins in Cauliflower B1 B2 B3 B5 B6 B9 CE K Carbohydrates Protein Others Fat Glucoraphin in cauliflowers protects stomach and intestines and thus prevents ulcers. Anti-oxidants in Cauliflower have anti-ageing capabilities. EAT CAULIIFLOWER STAY YOUNGER.. Omega -3 fatty acid and Vitamin K in Cauliflower prevent chronic inflammation. B9 It is beneficial for pregnant women due to vitamin B9 Folic Acid Allicin in Cauliflowers Cauliflower Wheat Maize reduces the possibilities of heart diseases 100gm Cauliflower has only 33 calories It is good as a weight while caloric loss diet item due to values of same low calories. amount of Wheat and Maize are 339 and 365 For being rich in Vitamin K, it can prevent respectively. Alzheimer's disease. Yak! The Phytochemicals in Cauliflower can break down and clear toxins from our system Cauliflower driva way sin

Health Benefits of Cauliflowers

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An infographic about the health benefits of cauliflower- a vegetable loved by many and hated by more (especially kids). Learn about the health benefits of it and why it is a super food. Know what are ...






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