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Headache: Everything you Need to Know

HEADACHE EVERY THING YOU NEED TO KNOW... Did You Know That: OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION HAVE HADA 90% HEADACHE AT SOME TIME 75% HAVE EPISODES OF HEADACHES HAVE HAD A SEVERE 50% HEADACHE HAVE RECURRING SEVERE 25% HEADACHE HAVE 12% MIGRAINE HEADACHE HAVE CHRONIC DAILY HEADACHE TYPES OF HEADACHES 1 TENSION-TYPE HEADACHE A generalized constricting band-like headache that you don't feel sick with. Often brought on by tension or holding the neck in a tight position THE MOST COMMON 78% OF ALL HEADACHES Did you know that: Tension-Type Headache is the most common type of headache, by far accounting for 78% of headaches. However, 75% of people with migraine also have neck pain, so presence of neck pain does not mean you have a tension-type headache. Of them, 82% have previously been diagnosed as having tension-type headache, rather than migraine which is because tension-type headaches are mild, easily self-treated and rarely require a doctor's visit 94% OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE EPISODES OF HEADACHES HAVE MIGRAINE MIGRAINE HEADACHE Did you know that: 94% of people who go to a doctor with the complaint of episodes of headache actually have migraine 50% of those with migraine are actually diagnosed as having migraine 12% OF PEOPLE WITH RECURRING HEADACHES HAVE MIGRAINE Many think that you need to have an aura to be diagnosed with migraine, bút only 15-20% of people with migraine get aura In a month, the average migraineur loses 0.64 paid days from work and 12.7 hours worked still impaired with migraines 3 SINUS HEADACHE You can get headache with an acute sinus/ infection, but that is usually associated with fever, colored drainage and significant pain over the sinus that is affected Tension can trigger a migraine The World Health Organization rates miğraine 19th among all causes of years lived with disábility ALMOST 50% OF PEOPLE with MIGRAINE HAVE EYE TEARING OR NASAL STUFFINESS Did you know that: "Sinus headache" is a widely accepted clinical diagnosis, although many specialists consider it an uncommon cause of recurrent headaches ALMOST 90% OF PEOPLE WHO Almost 50% of people with migraine have eye tearing or nasal stuffiness with their attacks HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED AS Almost 90% of people who have been diagnosed as having sinus headaches, actually have migraine HAVING SINUS HEADACHES HAVE MIGRAINE 4 CLUSTER HEADACHE Did you know that: These are rare, affecting only 2 % of the population These are very severe, generally around the eye and temple and last 20 minutes to 2 hours on average RARE, AFFECTING ONLY 1/2 Eye tearing and nasal congestion are significant, but this can be seen with other types of headaches of a percent OF THE POPULATION Cluster headache is not a variant of migraine; it is its own diagnosis with its own treatment 1 in 20 PEOPLE HAVE CHRONIC DAILY HEADACHES 5 CHRONIC DAILY HEADACHE Did you know that: There are many causes of chronic daily headache, but most have a history of migraine and the overuse of medication have caused them to be chronic TREATMENTS FOR HEADACHES TREATMENTS INCLUDE: 8 EASY TENSION-TYPE HEADACHE • Aspirin REMEDIES • Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) THAT CAN HEAL YOUR HEADACHE FAST.. • Acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) MIGRAINE HEADACHE Relaxing & Resting • Over-the-counter medications • Prescription medications • Rest in a quiet, dark room • Hot or cold compresses to your head or neck • Massage and small amounts of caffeine Ice Pack 3 Moderate Exercise 4 Dietary Supplements CLUSTER HEADACHE 5 Hydration • Preventative medications • Acute medications • Inhalation of 100 percent 6 Pressure Points/Gentle Massage oxygen through a mask Take a Hot Shower 8. Diet; Multiple Small Meals Mount Sinai © 2011 The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York You are free to copy, distribute and transmit this content, but you must attribute the work to Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York.

Headache: Everything you Need to Know

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This infographic provides information about headaches. It provides a description of different types of headaches and it provides a list of different types of recipes.


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