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HBP: What You Don't Know Might Kill You

WHAT YOU Don'T KNOW MIGHT 6 KILL L YOU II Everything You Need to Know About Blood Pressure What Is Blood Pressure and How Could It Hurt Me? Blood pressure is the strength of blood against artery walls It rises during, and falls in between, heartbeats Blood pressure is important because abnormal variations can be dangerous – even fatal What Are the Effects of High Blood Pressure? Forceful blood pumping due to HBP can stretch artery walls too much, creating: Risk of rupture Stroke, aneurysm Traps cholesterol, plaque, Vascular scarring or blood cells Heart attack, stroke, and Heightened risk of blood clots organ and tissue damage Heart attack, stroke, and Plaque buildup organ and tissue damage Even before you've identified any of the above, HBP could be damaging vital organs Нeart Brain Eyes Kidneys How Common Is High Blood Pressure? 33% 41.4% Estimated to increase to of U.S. by 2030 adults (over age 20) have high blood pressure While 75% Nearly 1 in 5 are on are unaware of their condition antihypertensive treatments... ..47% still do not have their blood pressure under control Every day in 2010, an average of nearly 1,000 Americans died from conditions partially or primarily caused by HBP What Are the Big Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure? 350 LBS. Unhealthy weight Gender Over Up to Age 44 Men have higher 2 in 3 incidence US adults are overweight or obese Age 45-64 Men and women have similar incidence Nearly 1 in 3 Age 65 and Up Women have higher US children (ages 2 - 19) are overweight or obese incidence Parents or close blood relatives Family history of HBP can pass HBP risk on Blood vessels become less flexible, Older age which can increase blood pressure Increases risk of obesity, HBP, heart Sedentary lifestyle disease, blood vessel disease, and stroke High-salt diets are especially poor Poor diet for blood pressure control Alcohol misuse can raise your Heavy/regular alcohol use blood pressure What Does That Fraction on My Blood Pressure Reading Mean? SYSTOLIC The top (higher) number measures 160 arterial pressure during a heartbeat in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) 140 180 120 200 100 240 80 260 60 280 DIASTOLIC 40 20 The bottom (lower) number measures arterial pressure between heartbeats in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) םBLOO SYSTOLIC DIASTOLIC What is PRESSURE mmHg mmHg a Normal RATING Blood Pressure Reading? <80 Normal <120 & Prehypertension 120 - 139 80 - 89 or <120 Hypertension Stage 1 140 - 159 90 - 99 or <80 Hypertension Stage 2 160+ or 100+ mmHg Hypertensive Crisis 180+ or 110+ (Emergency care needed) How Do I Take Blood Pressure? 1 the upper arm just above the Wrap the cuff snugly around eye of the elbow Press the stethoscope over the artery directly under the cuff 3 Inflate the cuff to 180 mmHg, then release the air at 3mm/second 4 Listen with the stethoscope: the dial reading at the first beat sound is systolic pressure The diastolic reading is the dial position when the beating is no longer heard What Should I Do If I Am Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure? Improve your diet + The American Fresh produce Low sodium intake Heart Association recommends <1500mg High-fiber foods Lean proteins of sodium daily Exercise regularly For most people, that's 30+ minutes for 5 days each week 2 of those days should include muscle-strengthening activities Keep to a healthy weight Maintain a BMI under 25, or consult your doctor BMI 9 16 23 30 37 44 51 58 Reduce stress While not a confirmed HBP risk factor, stress levels can impact your overall health Avoid tobacco consumption and secondhand smoke Smoke temporarily increases blood pressure and contributes to other cardiovascular and overall health issues Take medications as prescribed |I|||||||||| For blood >140 systolic or pressure your doctor may prescribe >90 diastolic blood pressure medications Limit alcohol The recommended limit is 2 drinks per 1 drink per day day for men for women Understand your limits for a heated relaxation If your doctor has cautioned against moderate exercise, you may need to avoid or limit use of hot tubs and saunas Check regularly Ask your doctor how often you need a blood pressure test, or if home monitoring is right for you SOURCES CARRINGTON The Starting Point for Health Care Careers. eX 2.

HBP: What You Don't Know Might Kill You

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May is National High Blood Pressure (HBP) Awareness Month. Educate yourself on the dangers of HBP… Check out the full Animated Infographic via the “source” link below!


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