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Is Happy Hour Making Me Fat?

Is Happy Hour Making Me Fat? A look at when fun, turns fat The National Insititue on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) states that drinking in moderation requires a woman to limit her drink intake to 3 drinks in any one day and an average of seven drinks per week. Think about your weekly drink intake. 225 cal 130 cal 90 cal 2 carbs carbs 146 cal 32 carbs 13 carbs *based on caloric count for standard alcoholic beverages So what happens when you get in the habit of continually blowing off the gym for HH and your body takes in more calories than it burns? Your body stores it for later a month *3,500 extra calories not worked off is stored as a year one pound of fat 1 pound of fat 2,700 cal 1,788 cal 1,560 cal 960 cal 32, 400 cal 21,756 cal 18,720 cal 11,520 cal 9 pounds excess fat 6 pounds excess fat 5 pounds excess fat 3 pounds excess fat Think twice! Make some easy and delicious Happy Hour substitutions to cut your caloric intake in half * The higher the alc content in vodka (or any alcohol) the higher the calories 80 proof (40% alcohol) 64 cal 1 oz 86 proof (43% alcohol) 70 cal 1 oz 90 proof (45% alcobol) 73 cal 1 oz 100 proof (50% alcohol) 82 cal 1 oz Take control of your health. Don't be afraid to ak the bartender for a lower alcohol content or a particular kind of mixer. Light is all right! Sugar/salt around the rim, simple syrup, mixed drinks. All these things make up the common HH scene. But remember light is alright. Go for light beer, or ask the bartender for diet soda, light lemonade, orange juice, and cranberry juice. You are not being picky, you are being mindful of yourself and there is nothing wrong with that! * Light Happy Hour Drinks Based on standard 6 oz. serving 80 proof vodka + light OJ Straight Up 80 proof vodka + Diet soda + anything light cran juice + club soda Light OJ and a low alcohol content vodka Vodka is now coming infused with flavor Want that cranberry taste without the calories? Diet soda has zero calories so all you have to right in the sauce! Go for a flavored vodka Go with vodka, club soda, with a splash of on the rocks (no additional calories). This cran juice for a drink around 50-60 calories. comes in around 100 calories. be mindful of is alcohol content. This drink could be as low as 50-60 calories. drink could be as low as 50-60 calories. References: women's health BASE

Is Happy Hour Making Me Fat?

shared by danaematthews on Aug 06
A look at this fun after work ritual can turn into a surefire way to pack on the pounds, one delicious drink at a time.


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