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Happy Feet

Medicinal Remedies HAPPY FEET LET'S SMILE AND FIX THE ISSUES! INVEST IN QUALITY SHOES 0000 HAMMER TOE GOUT A deformity where the end of Most commonly found on the base of the big toe, this arthri- tis causes inflammation and the toe is bent downwards Frequently caused by wearing poorly fitted shoes or high heels ( 9/10 women wear high heels in sizes too small) pain 2 Predominantly in over 30's, more often in men SOLUTION SOLUTION New shoes with soft, spacious toe boxes will help relieve pain and discomfort Spacious shoes allow for swell- ing to ease pressure and pain, couple this with appropriate lifestyle changes, e.g. a low calorie diet DIABETES SWOLLEN FEET Possible amputation if ulcers develop Swelling of the feet occurring from multiple conditions, e.g. foot injury, pregnancy or lymphedema 2 3 million (4.6% of the UK) have diabetes SOLUTION SOLUTION A properly fitted shoe will pre- vent rubbing, stopping ulcers and infections Correctly fitted shoes will help circulation and reduce swell- ing BUNIONS A bony deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe made worse by wearing badly fitted shoes 65% of sufferers have a family history of bunions FIND A 2 SOLUTION SPECIALIST THAT UNDERDSTANDS YOUR FEET Measured shoes will allow room to alleviate the pain THE ANSWER HAS TO BE.. Properly fitted shoes can help alleviate the pain and discomfort of multiple foot conditions and prevent them from occurring 000 000 WIDE E SHOES Follow us, Like us and share us. 020 8907 1742

Happy Feet

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An info-graphic detailing a selection of foot problems and how they can be remedied, brought to you by Wide Fit Shoes


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