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Handbook of Phobias

HANDBOOK OF PHOBIAS FEAR OR PHOBIA? DEFINITION OF PHOBIA Fear becomes phobia as soon as the former limits our autonomy without a real danger do exists. The person Stress disorder characterized by an irrational fear or repulsion towards certain circumstances, animals or people. becomes aware and wishes to overcome that feeling of fear without succeeding. TYPES OF PHOBIA WORSENING BEHAVIOURS Generalised phobia (agoraphobia, social phobia): highly dysfunctional. Avoid circumstances creating anxiety. Specific types of phobia related to: - Animals: spiders, pigeons, insects, dogs, cats, rats - Natural environments: storm, altitude, darkness, water - Blood-injection-injury: blood, needle, syringe, etc. Circumstances: public transport, tunnel, bridges, elevators, flying, driving Other: disease-spreading, dysmorphia S.O.S. Ask for help to tackle what generates anxiety. Use prevention measures before tackling what causes anxiety Try to control emotional reactions related to anxiety SIX PRACTICAL ADVISES TO TACKLE FEARS Known the "enemy" to disclose the weaknesses. Remember: what frightens you, it does not exist. To be able to put a fear into proper perspective, first document yourself, then look for images, and watch videos. Proceed stepwise: approach fears gradually. When anxiety feeling starts to happen, stop and try again the following day. You will gently push yourself beyond your comfort limits. 4 Avoid avoiding: it is much better to tackle a fear little by little rather than to avoid it completely. Gradually, it will be converted into courage. Engage yourself: strive to overcome fears without asking for help so as to avoid others' dependence. 50h Take small risks: a person with a phobia often uses some preventive measures (i.e. bringing medicines or mobile phone all the time) so as to develop dependence. Learn how to accept small risks daily so as to free yourself from your preventive Conspiracy of silence: speak about anxiety contributes to its growth as watering a plant with the fertilizer. Stop speaking about your anxiety. On the contrary, try to distract yourself. 3 6. measures. Source: G. Nardone, Oltre il limiti della paura. BUR, 2000 www Psicologia Pratica psicologimilano 2015 © Davide Algeri | All Rights Reserved L'autore dichiara che le immagini contenute in questa infografica si trovano pubblicate su internet. Se dovesse trattarsi di immagini protette da copyright non esitate a contattare l'autore in modo che possano essere rimosse immediatamente.

Handbook of Phobias

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Infographic Handbook of Phobias What is phobia and what are worsening behaviours? Six pratical advises to tackle fears!



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