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Halloween: The Real Spooky Truth

HALLOWEEN: THE PEAL SPOOKYTRUTİ AMERICANS PURCHASE NEARLY 600 MILLION POUNDS Of Candy A Year for Halloween... THAT'S. The average American eats 24 16 BILLION FUN SIZE SNIKERS BARS OF CANDY A YEAR or 158 trillon individual Candy Coms. That's equivilant to 17 cups of sugar. 90 MILLION POUNDS Billion of chocolate candy is sold during Halloween week. Is SPENT ON CANDY The Week Of Halloween Americans HICH purchase 20 million over TRICK-OR-TREATERS ARE HEALTH pounds a year. CONSCIOUS? COLORADO searched the most for organic candy AMERICA'S HALLOWEEN FAVORITE? CANDY CORN! KENTUCKY searched the most for sugar-free candy Sugar is Poisoning America OREGON searched the most for gluten-free candy IF TOO MUICH FRUCTOSE HITS THE LIVER. THE LIVER WILL CONVERT MUCH OF IT TO FAT known condition This induces a insulin resistance, which is considered the fundamental problem in obesity, and the as Is now defect heart underying disease and in the type 2 diabetes- in the United States Have That's 25.8 million -> 8.3% of the population. children and adults diabetes 215.000 PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 20 HAVE DIABETES IN AMERICA. THE COST OF $245 billion for total costs of diagnosed diabetes in the United States in 2012. DIABETES: IN 2007. CONTRIBUTED IN ΤΗΕ 231.404 DIABETES DEATHS UNITED TO A STATES. TOTAL OF $245 blon for tael costs of diagnosed diabetes in the United States in 2012- Expenditures among people diagnesed with diabetes were 23X higher than ex- penditures among people without diabetes. Prescription meds to regulate blood sugar may cause weight gain and hypoghemia. Regulate blood sugar naturally with. CINNAMΟΝ h one study, volunteers ate from 1 to 6 grams o for 40 days. Researchers found that cinnamon cinnamon sugar levels by 24% GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE LEAF reduced cholesterol by dbout 18% and blood Osed for nearly 2,000 years in Indias Ayurvedic trodtion, this herb promotes healthy glucose metabalism In a controlled study, a standardized Gymnema extract was given to 27 type I diabetics daily. Insulin require. ments were decreased by about one half and the average blood glucose decreased from 232 mg/ dL to DIATROL PLUS An evolutionary formula to assist in maintaining hedithy blood mg of Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Powder, Cirnamon Bark Powder, Cinnamon Bark Extract levels sugar in a natural way Contains 1,1000 LEARN MORE AT LETSTALKHEALTH.COM OLi Talk Healih NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS Sources: boo-to-store-brand-candy-on-halloween.html

Halloween: The Real Spooky Truth

shared by LetsTalkHealth on Oct 31
November is American Diabetes Month, so we found it a bit strange that americans consume the most sugar out of the entire year one day prior. We wanted to bring light to the jaw dropping numbers assoc...


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