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Hair Care: 15 Myths We Have All Believed And The Truth Behind Them

HAIR CARE 15 MYTHS WE HAVE ALL BELIEVED AND THE TRUTH BEHIND THEM 100 100 STROKES A DAY Myth 1 Thuth That actually causes Brushing your hair 100 breakage. Brush gently strokes per day will help to distribute your natural it grow longer, keep it oils through hair shafts. shinier and healthier.. BRUSHING WET HAIR Myth 2 Truth The so called "Wet Brush" Never use a brush on wet can be applied to wet hair, only use a comb! tangly hair. Buy it at Ulta, your salon or online. REGULAR TRIMS Myth 3 Thuth Trims do not accelerate your Getting regular trims will help your hair grow faster. hair growth but they do relieve your hair of the ugly split ends. SPLIT ENDS Myth 4 Truth There is no product in the Split ends can be "cured" world to heal your split with conditioners, serums, ends. The only solution is protein packs, etc. to cut them off. OILY SCALP AND CONDITIONER CONDITIONER Myth 5 Thuth An oily scalp still needs it. If you have an oily scalp, Use a clarifying shampoo and a light weight detangling conditioner. you shouldn't use a conditioner. DRUGSTORE HAIR PRODUCTS/ DRUGSTORE PROFESSIONAL HAIR PRODUCTS 0-U Myth 6 Truth Most professional Brand hair products from products contain higher the drugstore are just as quality ingredients. You good as products from a get what you pay for. professional salon. DANDRUFF MYTH Myth 7 Thuth Having dandruff means Dandruff is actually a you have a dry scalp. result of an oily scalp. DRY OILY PREGNANCY AND COLORING Myth 8 Thuth Actually you can choose a You shouldn't color your hair balayage hair painting technique or ask for a when you are pregnant. semi permanent color. SHAMPOO SUDS Myth 9 Thuth The more suds your There are shampoos free of surfactants. They are shampoo produces as you're washing your hair the just as effective and don't cleaner your locks will be... produce as many suds. BEER Myth 10 Thuth The protein in the beer Using beer to rinse your hair repairs the hair, but the will make it stronger, thicker, alcohol overpowers that and and shinier... dehydrates your locks. GOING OUTSIDE WITH WET HAIR Myth 11 Truth Walking outside with wet hair will make you sick. Wet head might make you feel chilly but not sick. SWITCHING SHAMPOOS Myth 12 Thuth Not exactly. If you have been using the same shampoo for Switching shampoos every now and then is a year and your hair feels fine, keep using it. good for your hair. CURLY / STRAIGHT HAIR CUT Myth 13 Thuth No! Straightening curly Curly hair can be cut the hair to cut it causes your stylist to cut into your curl pattern too much. same way as straight hair. PULLING OUT A GREY HAIR Myth 14 Thuth Pulling out gray hair can rather Pulling out a grey hair will cause scarring, so just leave cause two more to come out. those annoying hairs alone! THINNING HAIR Myth 15 Thuth The factors that cause Only older women thinning and hair loss suffer from thinning include hormones and hair or hair loss. over-processing with chemicals. CONDITIONER

Hair Care: 15 Myths We Have All Believed And The Truth Behind Them

shared by AmandaFrisk on Dec 06
Don’t let anyone tell you that there is something you absolutely have to do to your hair, because in fact, you may have been duped into believing ridiculous hair myths. There are so many different s...


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