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The Habits of Highly Successful Sleepers

The Habits of Highly Successful Sleepers cohol While it initially acts as a sedative and may cause drowsiness, the drop in blood alcohol level a few hours later can cause sudden wakefulness. Late Naps EVENING Stress Studies of children and adults 45% of Americans have had their lives affected Even minor emotional or physical have shown that napping in the aftemoon can reduce nighttime sleep quality. Experts recommend napping in short time limits and before 5 PM. stress can increase cortisol AFTERNOON Exercise levels, which causes sleep by poor sleep in the past week, and nearly 9 million of us use sleep aids. But with disturbances. Avoid work NIGHTFALL emails or challenging reading after dinner. Consistency Eat Fruit Establish a consistent If you're hungry before bed, fruit is the best snack. Cherries Aim to finish exercising at least three hours before bed time, giving your body time to flush endorphins and cortisol. pre-sleep routine that minimizes stress. Whether a few changes to your routine and bedroom, you'll be sleeping Coffee means taking a bath, meditating, or light reading, a consistent routine will are particularly good, as they contain melatonin (a natural sleep-inducing hormone). Avoid dairy and other fatty foods. that Caffeine stimulates adrenaline production, which reduces sleep quality. Even if you need coffee to function, avoid it after lunch. Natural Light help you sleep more quickly and deeply. better in no time. Getting the right amount of natural light during the day helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Open the shades first thing in the morning, and take breaks throughout the day at work or school to go outside and get some sunlight. Electronics Don't Force It Mobile devices and cell Don't try to sleep if you aren't tired – trying to force it can | trigger stress hormones. phones output the same short-wavelength blue light as the sun, which prevents your body from producing melatonin. Habits of Habits of LOW QUALITY Sleepers HIGH QUALITY Sleepers Characteristics Ambient light: Studies have shown Bed Use: If the bed is regularly used for activities done while waking, i.e. working on the computer or watching TV, the body may begin to associate the bed with waking activities, leading to difficulty falling asleep. Temperature: This varies from person to person. Everyone has a particular temperature at which they sleep most comfortably For most of us, the ideal range is 60-75°F. Comfort: Both your mattress itself and its coverings, and whether or not they are comfortable for you, contribute to greater or poorer quality of sleep. Ambient sound: As you sleep, your brain continues to register and process sounds, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. that exposure to ambient light while you sleep can cause misalignment of your circadian rhythms. of a Perfect Sleeping Pets: 53% of people who sleep with pets in bed say that their animals have disturbed their sleep. Tip: Invest in a pair of blackout curtains - they'll keep your room much darker while you sleep. Environment Sources: Drsign taur Li, For Less BED TIME MORNING

The Habits of Highly Successful Sleepers

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There are several ways to improve your sleep quality without relying on sleep aids. In fact, much of your sleep quality can be attributed to your daily habits and the environment you sleep in. Moshell...




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