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H1N1 Swine Flu

INFLUENZA IS A RESPIRATORY ILLNESS CAUSED BY SEVERAL FLU VIRUSES 2009 H1N1 The 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic-popularly dubbed the "swine flu"-was caused by a new flu virus for which current flu shots offered little protection, and most humans lacked natural immunity. MAR 2009 Mexico reported an alarming number of flu deaths among healthy young people. By the end of the month, the first cases were reported in the U.S, and quickly spread across the country. APR2009 1+2+3+4 TO HERE FROM HERE Scientists determined the world was facing a new virus that contained a highly unusual mix of North American human, bird and swine flu, as well as Asian swine flu. (O) (O JUN 2009 OCT 2009 (O Although its origins are still HINI had spread to 74 Six months after the virus was murky, scientists now believe that the countries, and the World first identified, the pandemic new flu virus emerged from pigs in Health Organization peaked in the U.S. That declared the first global flu same month a new vaccine Asia, and was transported back to North America in a human host. pandemic in 41 years. for 2009 HIN1 became available. Pigs are the perfect mixing bowls CHINA & JAPAN: Travelers returning from regions that for new flu viruses, since they can be were heavily impacted by the 2009 HIN1 flu were quarantined. infected with both human flu and MEXICO CITY: Public life seemed at a standstill as schools, bird flu. One theory about how offices, movie theaters, gyms, parks and restaurants shut down. 2009 HIN1 got its unusual geographic pedigree: the international trade in live pigs. U.S.: more than 700 schools closed for some period of time before experts agreed that such steps might be unnecessary. HUMAN FLU NEW FLU BIRD FLU AROUND THE WORLD, FACE MASKS BECAME A COMMON SIGHT. (O) AUG 2010 THE WHO declares an end to the pandemic. "TENS OF MILLIONS WOULD BE AT RISK OF DYING," IF A MORE DANGEROUS FORM OF FLU VIRUS WERE TO APPEAR. --The World Health Organization MAR 2011 An international panel of experts said that while 2009 HIN1 flu offered some important lessons for global public health officials, the world remained unprepared for a much more severe pandemic. • CONSTANT MUTATION • • EXTRAORDINARY PRECAUTIONS• • SOCIAL DISTANCING • "Reassortment" is the process Faced with a potentially Public health officials reinforced by which tw or more flu unstoppable new flu virus, public the importance of social viruses, while inside a human or health officials around the world distancing, urging those who felt animal host, swap genetic mobilized to prevent a catastrophe. sick to stay home from school material. This can cause a major Experts took extraordinary and work. Frequent hand washing was encouraged, and U.S. Officials released part of shift in flu viruses-called an precautions to contain the "antigenic shift"-which creates virus-and ensure that this new, a new virus for which most Never-before-seen flu virus didn't the national emergency humans lack immunity. mix with another flu virus. stockpile of Tamiflu. THE NUMBERS 61,000,000 IN THE US, CDC ESTIMATES 61 MILLION PEOPLE CONTRACTED 2009 H1N1 FLU 12,000 2009 HINI DEATHS 18¬000 IN AMERICA WORLDWIDE TakePart SOURCES: CDC, WHO, Department of Education, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Telegraph TAKEPART.COM/CONTAGION

H1N1 Swine Flu

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
With this month’s release of the new movie Contagion, everything and anything about germs and disease are in high demand. The following infographic covers interesting facts and figures about H1N1.


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