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Guinness vs Beer

GUINNESS SA BEER Which is Healthiest? Throughout history, a pint of the good stuff has brought communities together, helped ugly folk get laid and done wonders for people's confidence. While the psychological effects are temporary, Guinness and beer actually contain their own unique health benefits that can have positive long term effects on the body. By the Numbers Guinness Lite Beer Calories Calories 176 CALORIES 153 CALORIES 29 Peanuts 25.5 Peanuts 125 CALORIES 21 Peanuts 95 CALORIES 70 CALORIES 12 Peanuts 6 Peanuts 64 CALORIES 55 1 Peanuts CALORIES 9 Peanuts 12 OUNCE SERVING SIZE GUINNESS GUINNESS GUINNESS Micholoh ULTRA. AMSTEL lighe BECKS SELECT IGHT DRAUGHT EXTRA STOUT FOREIGN EXTRA Alcohol by Volume Alcohol by Volume 2.3% 2.5% 3.5% 4.1%-4.3% 4.2% 4.1%-6% 5%-8% Guinness Regular Draught Beer PINT VS 204 176 Calories Calories PINT 224 Calories OJ GUINNESS 1,883,200,000 pints of Guinness sold every year 318,260,800,000 calories Health Facts Players Name Score Guinness Beer Skin Heart Blood Protein Protein Bones GREAT SKIN CONDITIONER UNCLOGGING ARTERIES Its yeast extract can improve the symptoms of acne by slowing down sebum production and killing off the bacteria that triggers it. Try adding a can to a hot bath and having a long soak to get the benefits. Contains antioxidant compounds that slow down the deposit of harmful cholesterol on the artery walls. For maximum benefit, drink one pint a day MAINTAINS HEALTHY HEART GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN Contains vitamin B6, which prevents the build up of homocysteine that causes heart disease. Isinglass, the substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish, is used as a fining agent in both Guinness and beer barrels. Sometimes this can pass through into the drink. While not suitable for hardcore vegans, it can be a good source of protein. HIGH IN IRON GOOD FOR THE BONES Thanks to the mineral silicon presence, moderate beer consumption can fight osteoporosis; a bone disease caused by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue. In 1920's UK, post-op patients, blood donors and pregnant women were given Guinness because its Iron volume prevented anaemia. How long will it take to burn off a pint of Regular Beer or Guinness? Running 2 PINT 18 : 00 15 : 00 VS PINT MIN SEC MIN SEC Dancing SELECT 55 PINT 29 : 30 VS 36 : 00 10 : 00 MIN SEC PINT MIN SEC MIN SEC GUINNESS 12 PINTS is how much the average moustachioed Guinness drinker traps in their moustache every year Strongest Beers Out There Beers with the highest alcohol and calorie content. A mere sip of some of these drinks would put you over the legal driving limit. Running time to burn off 1821 02 34 Calories HOURS MIN ART THE FUT GUINNESS Back in the 19th century, the Irish brewed Guinness twice 7.5% as strong when shipping NIGERIA 60 57 55 to Nigeria for fear that it would evaporate during the journey. It didn't evaporate. the Guinness Nigeria brewery have brewed their Foreign NK Extra Stout at 7.5% ever since. IHE EMARCK 41 DENGUI 32 31 27 23 20 Which Countries Consume the Most & Least Beer? 5.06 5.53 4.93 5.6 6.22 7.04 5.49 8.51 0.04 0.04 0.02 0.04 0.01 0.070.05 0.06 5.19 0.02 8.68 6.51 5.38 0.06 7.15 6.7 * Beer in litres per capita Most Least * Excludes countries in which no beer is consumed Belgium Mali. 5.49 5.38 5.19 5.06 Palau 8.68 Austria. 6.7 0.07 Syria. Jordan.... 0.04 Sri Lanka .. 0.02 Iran ...... 0.02 Haiti...... 0.01 0.04 Indonesia Czech Republic. .. 8.51 Uganda.... 6.51 Gabon Seychelles...... 7.15 Germany Ireland Azerbaijan 6.22 Venezuela. 5.6 Denmark Estonia..... 5.53 United Kingdom. 4.93 0.06 India. ..... 0.06 Niger.... 0.05 Qatar..... 0.04 7.04 Lithuania GUINNESS Who consumes the most Guinness? GET A ROOM Sources Ireland Nigeria USA Cameroon Start the Future (Koelschip) Cal. 1821 Schorschbock (Schorschbräu) Cal. 1731 The End of History (Brewdog) Cal. 1650 Sink The Bismarck! (Brewdog) Cal. 1230 Tactical Nuclear Penguin (Brewdog) Cal. 960 Heart Tactical Nuclear Penguin (Brewdog) Cal. 960 Ghost Deer (Brewdog) Cal. 840 28 (Sam Adams) Cal. 810 Baz's Super Brew (Parish Brewery) Cal. 680 (Samuel Adams) Cal. 6

Guinness vs Beer

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