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Guide to Helping Addicts Recover | Alcohol Recovery Services

GUIDE TO HELPING ADDICTS RECOVER In order to help a drug addict, one must first understand that there is no fast and easy way to help someone with an addiction. Strategy # 1 HELP YOURSELF FIRST You got to help yourself before you can help others We cannot control a drug addict or an alcoholic, but we can control our own behavior. Get yourself to an AA meeting Everyone at the meeting can give you the best specific advice on how to go about handling things. Establish boundaries and set limits with the addict Setting boundaries is about putting your own personal well being first and being an example of how to live. Strategy # 2 Get Educated About Addiction Search online for information Look for organizations which offer 12 Step programs for about your loved one's form of addiction. your addicted love ones. I III. Look into local detox clinics Speak with a professional therapist or counselor. and rehabilitation centers. Strategy # 3 Use the Appropriate Approach Learn the difference between Helping an addict includes doing things that will truly benefit them. "helping" and "enabling" Enabling is when you are in some way allowing the addicts to continue their destructive behavior. Know when to intervene Find a time when you can be alone with the addict and will be free of distractions or interruptions. Stop blaming the person You must always be willing to be there to listen when they tell you all about the problems. Strategy # 4 Stage an Intervention Make a plan To ensure the best chances for success, you should consult with someone who has experience helping addicts and conducting interventions. Form an intervention team Get concerned people who will help. 树 Physician or Therapist the Addict Family and Friends A trained, licensed physician, social worker, or therapist When confronted, the addict may refuse to take part or may leave the gathering. Seeing how many friends and relatives are willing to help may boost encourage- should serve as the head of the intervention effort. ment for the addict. Decide on consequences loved one doesn't accept treatment, give him/her a choice to get treatment, or face an undesirable alternative. If your no contact get treatment go to jail take away car with family Choose a location and time Once the intervention has been planned out, settle on a date and time when everyone can be there. Strategy # 5 Prepare a Solution for Them Encourage a healthier lifestyle, when the addict Be the bestfriend you can be recovers Ready to Change Do fun activities, play sports, hang out with them and support their interests often. Call treatment centers in ad- vance to learn your options. CALL NOW... (877) 447-4752 COPYRIGHT Alcohol Recovery Services SOURCES ic-or-drug-addict-specific-things-you-can-do-to-help/

Guide to Helping Addicts Recover | Alcohol Recovery Services

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Guide to Helping Addicts Recover | Alcohol Recovery Services When it comes to identifying the warning signs of addiction, keep in mind that some of your addicted loved one may show many of the signs,...


Alcohol Recovery Services


Alcohol Recovery Services


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