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A Guide to Healthy Aging for Women

HEALTHY AGING FOR WOMEN HEART DISEASE ALZHEIMER'S More women die of stroke than men 5% more women # of death cause #Jof death age 71+ have it than men cause deaths by deaths by STROKES DEPRESSION BREAST CANCER 18% affected (age 65+) BREAST CANCER AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES %23 leading cause of death #L plus other cancers (21%) 50 MILLION 75% OSTEOPOROSIS American sufferers are women ARTHRITIS Related conditions: osteopenia & osteoarthritis AFFECTS 34 MILLION PEOPLE 55% affected (age 65+) 82:1 67 58% of women struggle with physical inactivity of women struggle with hypertension of women are overweight STRATEGIES OF HEALTHY AGING & PREVENTION DIET EXERCISE MENTAL HEALTH REDUCE FATS AND SUGARS 2.5 HOURS REDUCE CHRONIC STRESS to prevent amyloid beta proteins involved in developing Alzheimer's to improve hippocampus, the part of brain linked to emotion, learning and memory of weekly exercise SWAP ANIMAL PROTEIN FOR PLANT PROTEIN AEROBIC AND RESISTANCE WORKOUTS PLAY FUN, COMMUNAL ACTIVITIES to improve memory and learning, develop new (board games, crosswords, reading, writing, playing music) to increase brain health (legumes, soy, nuts) brain cells SWITCH TO MEDITERRANEAN DIET INCREASING MUSCLE MASS REDUCE DEPRESSION (plant-based, whole grains, fish, low dairy) to prevent falls, fractures, brain atrophy and improve functionality through the benefits of social interaction gained through group workouts STRATEGIES TO DISCUSS WITH YOUR DOCTOR ADD ESTROGEN + PROGESTOGEN to prevent both osteoporosis-related bone loss and estrogen-related heart disease ADD ANTI-RESORPTIVE OR ANABOLIC MEDICATION to prevent bone degeneration GET BONE MINERAL DENSITY SCAN to see/prevent future fractures QUIT DRUGS, ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO Aging women and men differ in the diseases they face and their exercise and health needs. Awareness of health issues and strategies for prevention can lead to healthy aging in women. SOURCES: 3899555.html http://www. -3-fatty-acids-essential-for-health-and-long-life/ http://www. pictures_slideshow/article htm UF ONLINE UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA

A Guide to Healthy Aging for Women

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For women around the world the leading cause of death is heart disease, followed by breast cancer. Most medical conditions and ailments that women face can be controlled and sometimes treated, so ther...


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