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A Guide to Choosing Your First Vaporizer

VAPING FUNDAMENTALS A GUIDE TO CHOOSING YOUR FIRST VAPORIZER If you are new to vaping, you may feel overwhelmed trying to choose your first vaporizer. There are literally hundreds of options on the market to choose from and lots of variables to consider. But much like any decision you make, choosing your first vape is a combination of what you need and what you can afford. All you need is a bit of background and before you know it, you will be giving advice of your own and buying other units or materials that suit you better. FACTORSTO CONSIDER Are you going to vape indoors? Or on the go? Heating Method & Temperature Control What's your budget? If you want to vape at home, then you need a desktop vaporizer. They are bulky and plug into a wall outlet, but generally are more efficient and can produce more vapor. If you want to vape on the go, it's a portable vaporizer for you. They are small, lightweight and cordless. DESKTOP VAPORIZER vs PORTABLE VAPORIZER Have a smaller heating chamber & short battery-life Usually more expensive than portable devices Most utilize convection as primary heating method Ensuring that the vaping material is not combusted, you get the highest quality vapor and more effective experience. Easy to operate HEAT SOURCE Light-weight, discreet, and can be used almost anywhere HEAT Better temperature control Types of power source for Portable Vapes Best for group vaping Battery-powered Vaporizers This is by far the most common type. Some batteries are built-in and non-removable. Others have interchangeable batteries that can be easily swapped out. Deliyery method include: Balloon or bag Whip attachment Flame vaporizers Heated with an ordinary lighter. They are usually simple and inexpensive, but they are not stealthy, may produce thinner vapor, and are less efficient than other types. Dual vaporizers offer flexibility to fill a balloon bag or use a whip. Butane Vaporizers Heated with butane and does not require electricity. This type heats up faster than battery-powered vapes and is able to maintain its temperature. PEN VAPORIZERS Pen vaporizers are portable vaporizers as well but are shaped like E-cigarettes to be more inconspicuous. They are the most discreet of all vaporizers and usually have a very fast heat-up time. Consider the following when you purchase a vape pen: Vape pens can be compatible with different material and some can support all three (wax, oil and dry herbs), while others are best suited for one. Be cautious of ones made for dry herbs as most cause combustion & function more as an COMPATIBILITY electronic pipe. It is always a safe move investing in a reliable vaporizer from a reputable manufacturer and buying from authorized resellers. Otherwise, it's difficult to be sure if your vaporizer is a cheap counterfeit. QUALITY & DURABILITY and get the style or color that appeals to you more, but purchase the one that looks good but is still very functional. Features like one-touch Go ahea AESTHETICcS & FEATURES activation or temperature display are great to have. PRICES This is one of the most influential factors for people when choosing a vaporizer. Prices can vary anywhere from $30 with a generic wax vape pen to over $600 with a Digital ol├žano, the holy-grail of vaporizers It is important to lok at your vaporizer as a long term investment. Is it better to buy a cheaper model that mig the more expensive one that will last over the next 10 years? Generally the higher priced models will have an overall better build and vapor quality while the lower priced models will be less efficient and durable. However, there are plenty of great affordable options in the middle. break in les than a year or 856F 4356F Vblcano DIGIT HEATING METHODS Conduction vaporizers work by having a heating source that is in direct contact with your herbal material. Convection vaporizers work by having a heating element that is positioned away from your herbal material. The heating element then warms the air and passes it through the heating chamber, vaporizing your material without direct contact ever being made. PROS O Typically less expensive O Faster warm-up time O Easier to clean O More even vaporization O Better heat retention O More temperature control CONS O Typically more expensive O Slower warm-up time in OUneven heat distribution O Potential for combustion with some models older models TEMPERATURE CONTROL Some vaporizers, typically conduction ones, are locked into one vaping temperature. These vapes can still be highly effective but offer no control over your vaping experience. Other vaporizers, typically convection ones, allow you to choose different temperature settings. These ones will either have multiple temperatures to choose from pre-set into the device or a digital display that allows you to choose the precise temperature you want. Vaporizer CHIEF SOURCES s-gain-popularity-john-dunningthe-omniscient/

A Guide to Choosing Your First Vaporizer

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If you are new to vaping, you may feel overwhelmed trying to choose your first vaporizer. Read here




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