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Growing diagram

A HELLO THERE! We're so happy that you found us safe and sound! We would now very much 4. If you prefer to use toilet paper please use a few sheets to make a nice thick layer. Like I said earlier we really don't like the cold. Once tucked up in our like to explain how you can look after us so we can give you the best results possible. Please see diagram below on how we like to be treated o = warm cosy bed you can leave us in a closed dark space (the same place as before will be perfect). 1. First of all if you could get a glass of water. We're much happier if the water temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees C/ or 67- 68 degrees F. We really don't like to be cold, at all !! 5. One very important thing we need to say at this point is - you must keep our 24H bed moist by dripping some water on us every 6-12 hours. Please do not soak us, just a little drink to keep us moist is 2. Now, next thing, if you could get us out of this little tube and drop us all in the water we would feel so much better. all we need. 67-68 °F Once we are all in, its best to leave us 6. If everything has gone to plan after 48-72 hours you will see that we have to soak in a dark place again at a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees C/ or 67- 68 degrees F. swelled and split our casing shells. However please don't be alarmed as some of us can take 5-6 days to 67-68 °F 3. Once we have been left to soak for germinate, please be patient with us. Once you see our little white root through the crack in our casings we are now ready for our next adventure - to be 12-24 hours, it's time to make a nice cosy bed for us, nothing flashy, just place us on a plate between two wet layers of cotton or toilet paper ff planted! !! Please be aware that if you soak us after our root is exposed it can hurt us and damage our rooting system. 48 - 72H You can find everything you need for our 6-12H next adventure on the website X THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your care and attention, Amsterdam genetic seeds team !

Growing diagram

shared by Rodesk on Feb 05
Short description about how to grow your seeds after you received them from your local seed supplier.


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