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Is Green Tea Good For Blood Pressure?

IS Green Tea GOOD FOR BLOOD PRESSURE? Drink 120ml or half cup of tea • per day 46% less likely to develop hypertension than non-tea drinkers Drink 600ml or more than 2 cups of tea • per day 65% less likely to develop hypertension than non-tea drinkers Drink 1180ml or more than 5 cups of tea • per day 62% 42% 31% 22% (women) (men) (women) (men) lower risk of dying from stroke lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease Catechins HELPS ARTERY DILATION PREVENT VESSELS FROM NARROWING PROTECT HEART MUSCLE FROM DAMAGE PREVENT BLOOD CLOTS INHIBIT ACE ACTIVITY PREVENT PLAQUE BUILD UP ON ARTERY WALLS Polyphenols INCREASES METABOLISM LOWER CHOLESTEROL LOSE WEIGHT Benefits of Green Tea L-theanine RELAX, CALMING EFFECT RELIEVE ANXIETY Flavonoids - STRENGTHEN BLOOD VESSEL WALLS REDUCE DAMAGES BY FREE RADICALS Decaffeinated green tea vs Natural caffeinated tea Depends on decaffeination method. Some decaffeinated green tea contains less than a third of the catechins in regular tea and you may miss the health benefits Loose tea leaves vs Tea bags Tea bags: • May use lower quality tea leaves - Less catechins found in pieces or dusts - Catechins can be absorbed by tea bags - Can't re-steep for many cups • Contains higher caffeine Loose leaf is BETTER because Taste bitter Tips: V Four grams of loose leaf + eight ounces of water (160 – 170 degree) and steep for 3 minutes V Can add honey, ginger, lemon, lavender or mint leaves V Do not add milk as it will affect the catechins and reduce its beneficial effects on blood pressure All content in this infographic is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice or treatment. Please refer to your health care provider if you have an any medical concems. Sources html http://www.nlm.nih gov/medlineplus/druginfo/naturav960. html html IDEAL BL OO DPRESSUREnfo d-pressure

Is Green Tea Good For Blood Pressure?

shared by susanaleanza on Nov 02
This infographic reveals the connection between green tea and blood pressure. It also includes some useful tips in drinking green tea.


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