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The Global Impact of The Flu

INFLUENZA IS A RESPIRATORY ILLNESS CAUSED BY A RANGE OF FLU VIRUSES THE GLOBAL IMPACT OF THE BIG ONES THE FLU The HINI 'Swine Flu' outbreak over the last two years highlighted the fact that we never know when the next big pandemic may strike. In the last century alone tens of millions have died in major outbreaks. SUMMER WINTER 1918 H 1N1 THE SPANISH FLU Like our recent'Swine Flu'also an H1N1 strain, the 1918 flu is thought to have been one of the most deadly pandemics in human history killing up to: 100 MILLION WINTER SUMMER PEOPLE WORLDWIDE The increase in global travel means every year flu travels around the world, following the winter season, all the while mutating as it goes. So by the time it comes back south for the next winter it's often in the form of an entirely new strain, resistant to last year's treatment. 1957 H 2 N 2 THE ASIAN FLU SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: FEVER HEADACHE COUGH 2 MILLION RUNNING NOSE CHILLS MUSCLE ACHES AND PAINS PEOPLE WORLDWIDE THE ANNUAL BURDEN OF FLU IN NEW ZEALAND 1969 H 3 N 2 IN NEW ZEALAND UP TO 1500 UP TO UP TO 480,000 UP TO 780,000 49 THE HONG KONG FLU 1 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE 2009 H 1N1 PEOPLE GET INFECTED PEOPLE GET SICK PEOPLE HOSPITALISED DIE AS A RESULT WITH FLU WITH FLU WITH FLU OF THE FLU THE SWINE FLU Through either luck or good flu' PROJECT management the 'swine only THE SHIVERS killed around 20,000 SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE INFLUENZA VACCINE EFFECTIVENESS, RESEARCH & SURVEILLANCE A CDC five-year, multi-million dollar contract TO STUDY INFLUENZA IN AN EFFORT TO BETTER UNDERSTAND PEOPLE WORLDWIDE THE BURDEN OF THE VIRUS and how to prevent its spread around the wor being less than half the deaths caused in a normal flu season in the US alone. But it's inadvisable to let our guard down, as the next big pandemic may be lurking around the corner. For example, a resurgent new strain of the 2003 BIRD FLU H 5 N WHY NEW ZEALAND IS PERFECT OUR HEALTH SYSTEM which has infected low numbers overall, has since killed almost SCIENTIFIC 60% OF THOSE INFECTED and if it mutates into something more virulent could potentially pose a significant threat to world health. EXCELLENCE The NZ response to the (HIN1) 2009 'Swine Flu was internationally recognised as 'best in class! To make SHIVERS a reality, ESR has collaborated with the Universities of Auckland and Otago and the ADHB to assemble a highly collaborative multi-disciplinary, multi- Our highly computerised health system, from the local GP though to the hospitals and labs, in which every patient has a unique and trackable NHIl number means we ESR centre scientific team in NZ and abroad. are a great source of quality data. The Institute of Environmental Science and Research LOCATION NATIONAL INFLUENZA SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM Because we are below the Tropic of Capricorn with a flu season during Northern Hemisphere summer, our season often predicts what will happen for them. And our well categorised demographic population will allow the study to examine why Maori and Pacific people are more vulnerable to flu and respiratory infections. New Zealand already has a highly effective National Influenza Surveillance System in place, providing real time strategic 2 data to the Northern Hemisphere. This programme will in effect extend the existing system by establishing two new surveillance systems in Auckland- one hospital-based and one community-based. ESR provides science advice and services to government agencies, local authorities and the private sector

The Global Impact of The Flu

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The flu is a respiratory illness caused by the range of flu viruses. This infographic shows the different types of flus, how they affect people, and the research being conducted to treat major flu viruses.




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