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Global Burden Of Disease

Global Burden of Disease: Good News and Bad News OUR WORK IS WORKING... .BUT THERE IS MORE TO BE DONE. The leading causes of health problems and health risks have shifted. MAJOR CAUSES OF DEATH AND DISEASE-THEN AND NOw The past two decades have seen major progress in global health, according to the latest Global Burden of Disease study-an ambitious worldwide project involving Harvard School of Public Health faculty and many others. But as life expectancy has risen, the burden of disease has shifted-people are living both longer and sicker. 1990 2010 Position movement from 1990 to 2010: Increase - Decrease - Same | 1 | 2 .AND ITS UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES. 1 LOWER RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT GLOBAL HEALTH 2| DIARRHEAL DISEASE LOWER RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS MORTALITY OF CHILDREN age 1-4 has declined significantly. GLOBALLY, PEOPLE ARE LIVING LONGER. PRE-TERM BIRTH CONDITIONS STROKE Life expectancy has increased in 19 of 21 regions around the workd. But people are spending their later years in poor health, particularly as a result of SCHEMIC HEART DISEASE DIARRHEAL DISEASE - 1990 - 2010 - - 4,0 M chronic diseases. STROKE HIV/AIDS || | 7 | 8 In 2010: COPD Diarrhea / Lower Diarrhea / Lower MALARIA MALARIA Respiratory Respiratory Infections/ | TUBERCULOSIS PRE-TERM BIRTH CONDITIONS Infections/ 3.0 M Other Infections Other Infections PROTEIN-ENERGY MALNUTRITION COPD 9. 1,879,180 683,987 10 | NEONATAL ENCEPHALOPATHY | 10 ROAD INJURIES 11 | | 11 8 MILLION 1.3 MILLION 2.0 M 12 | ROAD INJURIES NEONATAL ENCEPHALOPATHY | 12 Neglected Tropical Neglected Tropical people died of cancer. people died of diabetes. Diseases & Malaria | 13 Diseases & Malaria TUBERCULOSIS 407,175 430,887 | 20 PROTEIN-ENERGY MALNUTRITION 1.0 M 33 | HIV/AIDS Unintentional Unintentional Injuries Injuries AFRICA STILL BEARS THE IN 1990, AIDS WAS THE 33RD leading cause of discase burden ( hth 333,574 187,552 BY 2010, POOR DIET DEATHS FROM ROAD INJURIES 5th GREATEST BURDEN. AIDS MOVED is the leading risk factor for death and burden of disease across the planet, followed by blood pressure, tobacco, and houschold air pollution and death around the world. TO 5TH. AIDS and other have increased by almost half. This is largely due to improvements in our ability to control infectious disease with sanitation and vaccines. preventable conditions are still huge problems here, alongside maternal, child 1.5 MILLION PEOPLE DIED FROM AIDS IN 2010 ALONE. and newborn mortality. AIDS REMAINS THE The Global Burden of Disease study is a landmark event for health. It represents a collaboration of: 3RD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN 486 K O 302 2 + 50 . A HARVARD EASTERN EUROPE. SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Scientists, including many from HSPH Institutions Countries With insights into the changing causes of disease and death globally, the public health community can better address critical threats to health over the coming two decades and beyond. Created by COLUMN FIVE It is the largest study of its kind and the first such study since 1990.

Global Burden Of Disease

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The past two decades have seen major progress in global health, according to the latest Global Burden of Disease study — an ambitious worldwide project involving Harvard School of Public Health facu...




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