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Gifographic for Sleep Apnea

FEELING SLEEPY ALL THE TIME? SLEEP APNEA TREATMENT IS THE SOLUTION SLEEP APNEA IS A SLEEP DISORDER IN WHICH BREATHING IS BRIEFLY AND REPEATEDLY INTERRUPTED DURING SLEEP. THE "APNEA" IN SLEEP APNEA REFERS 00 10 TO A BREATHING PAUSE THAT LASTS AT LEAST TEN SECONDS. Pauses can last for several seconds to several minutes OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA, OR SIMPLY SLEEP APNEA, CAN CAUSE FRAGMENTED SLEEP AND LOW BLOOD OXYGEN LEVELS. This may possibly lead to: Heart disease Mood and memory problems Drowsy driving HOW IS IT TREATED? SLEEP APNEA The most widely used current therapeutic intervention is positive airway pressure whereby a breathing machine pumps a controlled stream of air through a mask worn over the nose, mouth, or both. The additional pressure holds open the relaxed muscles. TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS STEPS TO TREATMENT Patients should have a sleep Collect data that will be used to The personalized treatment plan apnea home test or overnight help diagnosis any sleep can include lifestyle changes, sleep study performed disorder that may be present using a CPAP machine, or one of the many other treatment options Sources Apnix SSD www.apnix.comiservices/sleep-apnea-treatment Sleep Diagnostics en Treatment FAIR MARKETING The Houston Sleep Center problems/sleep-aphea (713) 343-5377 Infographic by SSD FairMarketing N'

Gifographic for Sleep Apnea

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Feeling sleepy all the time? Sleep Apnea treatment is the solution.




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