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Get Savvy about Skin Cancer

GET SAVVY ABOUT SKIN CANCER MAKING SENSE OF SKIN CANCER 5 MILLION PEOPLE are diagnosed annually L IN 5 PEOPLE in the U.S. will develop it MORE THAN breast, prostate, and lung cancers combined Cases of all types of On average, 1 person dies ↑ skin cancer ARE EVERY 57 MINUTES INCREASING from melanoma EACH TYPE OF SKIN CANCER IS PROCRESSIVE Common on the face, scalp, ears, hands, and back BASAL CELL CARCINOMA (BCC) Spreads slowly, but can impact local lymph nodes, bones, lungs, and liver Looks like a sore that doesn't heal Skin may look smooth, waxy, or crusty Common on the face, ears, lips, back of hands, arms, and legs SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA (SCC) Looks like a flat, red patch with a crusty surface Spreads faster than BCC and can impact lymph nodes, bones, liver, and brain Can also look like an unhealed ulcer There may or may not be a lump Common on the trunk and legs MELANOMA Looks like a mole that may change color or shape Very aggressive cancer that spreads rapidly throughout the body Can also look like an unhealed lesion STAGES O AND I: STAGE III: Tumors have spread to regional lymph nodes Tumors are small and localized STAGE II: STAGE IV: Tumors have spread to distant lymph nodes and/or organs Tumors are localized but larger and growing faster BOOST YOUR SKIN CANCER SMARTS Always wear broad- spectrum sunscreen when you're outdoors Examine your skin for any suspicious skin lesions/changes Avoid peak sunlight See your dermatologist regularly and when you have any concerns hours between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm Wear a brimmed hat to protect your face PROVIDED BY: BUCKHEAD DERMATOLOGIST DR. DAVID BRYANT – MEDICAL DIRECTOR www.BUCKHEADDERMATOLOGIST.COM SOURCES:

Get Savvy about Skin Cancer

shared by BrittSE on May 30
Did you know that 5 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year? 1 in 5 people in the U.S. will develop this disease, which is more than breast, prostate, and lung cancers combined! Learn ...


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