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Get Relief From Spring Allergies

GET SOME RELIEF FROM SPRING ALLERGIES IN THE UNITED STATES 35 MILLION PEOPLE SUFFER FROM SEASONAL ALLERGIES = MILLION SPRING ALLERGY SYMPTOMS 5 MOST COMMON SPRING ALLERGENS TREE POLLEN GRASS POLLEN STUFFY/RUNNY NOSE RAGWEED ITCHY/WATERY EYES MOLD SPORES DUST MITES COUGHING/SNEEZING TOP 5 WORST CITIES FOR SPRING ALLERGIES #1 #2 #5 KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE MCALLEN TEXAS LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY JACKSON MISSISSIPPI WITCHITA KANSAS YOUR KIDS AND SEASONAL ALLERGIES HELP YOUR SMALLEST ALLERGY SÜFFERERS Keep it fun with Boogie Wipes Gentle Saline Mist! ENVIRONMENT + GENES BOTH PLAY A ROLE IN ALLERGIES If both parents have allergies, NEW there is a 75-80% chance that their children will develop allergies. If only one parent has allergies, Mist Mise there is a 40% chance that their children will develop allergies. GET SOME RELIEF: IDEAS FOR ALLERGY PREVENTION SLIP ON SOME SHADES Shield your eyes and lashes from allergies by wearing your sunglasses. Doing so can keep out itchy allergens. SHOWER ON PEAK ALLERGY DAYS Pollen will find its way onto your skin, so hop in the shower after you've been outdoors to reduce indoor allergens. LET STEAM PROVIDE SOME RELIEF Place a towel over your head, and position your face over a steam- ing bowl of water to thin your mucus and help you breathe better. WASH BEDDING, CLOTHING + PETS OFTEN No matter how much you allergy-proof your home, allergens are tracked in on pets, shoes and guests. LAY OFF THE HAIRSPRAY Hairsprays, gels and mousses create a perfect sticky environment for pollen to latch onto. Pollen in hair = no escape. ÁlI. Day. Long. USE THE AIR YOU HAVE If your air conditioner has a recycle switch, use it. Recycling air already in your home keeps from adding allergens to your space. PUSH OFF PLANS UNTIL EVENING Trees tend to pollenate during the morning, so plan exercise and outdoor activities in the evening when pollen counts are lower. WEAR A SURGICAL MASK Covering your nose and mouth while working outside will prevent grass pollen from sticking to nose hairs. SKINNYMOM Skinny Mom and Share More Love are the registered trademarks of Skinny Mom, LLC and cannot be used by a third party without permission. © 2014 Skinny Mom, LLC. All rights reserved. Sources'alegies'guideipring-alevgies, hmp://wwweathercom/heaith/allegyspring-alergyoties-2013019, htpoheaith'aler gies'outdooralegieswhat are most common seasonal alerges htm, htpwwwdrpau.comtactsheets'seasonaliergies homi, haphealn conditions'alegiesalergy basics/how to preventallergies. hon

Get Relief From Spring Allergies

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Your eyes are watering uncontrollably, your nose is running like a faucet and sniffling is your new form of breathing. Unless you just wrapped up another viewing of “Marley & Me,” it’s safe to s...


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