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Get Moving! Avoid The Health Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle

GET MOVING! AVOID THE HEALTH RISKS OF A SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE DE We weren't made to sit around all day. Don't let your desk job impact your health. The experts at NorthShore University HealthSystem discuss the health risks associated with sitting for extended periods of time and share tips for getting back on your feet even while at work. NorthShore University Health S ystem The average American spends approximately 13 86% THE WORK / LIFE IMBALANCE of employed Americans have desk jobs that keep them seated most of the day. HOURS sitting each day. ONLY 18% of adults get the RECOMMENDED 2.5 HOURS of physical activity each week. STAND UP Even if you exercise daily, YOU STILL PUT YOUR HEALTH AT FOR YOUR HEALTH RISK IF YOU SIT FOR MORE THAN 4 CONTINUOUS HOURS A DAY. Long periods of inactivity like this can cause fat to accumulate in your liver, brain and heart. Standing up for 2 MINUTES EVERY 20 MINUTES makes a big impact! Issues associated with prolonged sitting: Weight Gain Cardiovascular Illness Type 2 Diabetes People who sit for long periods of time are 61% TWICE of Americans snack Prolonged sitters and as likely to be at risk for developing diabetes than at their desk. smokers have a similar level of heart attack risk. those who don't. Prevention: Walking Desk Exercise Ball Swap out your desk for a walking or standing desk to prevent inactivity Swap out your desk chair for an exercise ball to help strengthen your throughout the day. body's core and balance. STANDING UP, STRETCHING OR EVEN EXERCISE AT WORK WIGGLING AT YOUR DESK is a great way to increase your activity level throughout the day. Take it up a notch with these fun suggestions for using your desk, chair and cube to workout at work. WORKOUT YOUR CHEST & SHOULDERS Lift your body by placing both hands on your chair and holding your weight before you sit back down. lift repeat 15x. STRETCH YOUR BODY & RELAX YOUR MUSCLES alternate arms reach for the sky While sitting in your chair, stretch your arms and reach for the sky, alternating reaching each arm higher. TRY SOME YOGA look left tun right With palms placed on a stable surface, turn your chest and abdomen to the right and your head in the opposite direction. repeat on the other side. repeat 15x. arm's length TIGHTEN YOUR CORE pull in Sit in a rolling chair and position yourself an arm's length from your desk. Pull your weight back in with your arms while keeping your feet raised off the floor. feet raised repeat 20x. STRENGTHEN YOUR WHOLE BODY lower chest exhale Put your hands on your desk and step backwards. With your feet together, lower your chest to the edge of your desk and exhale as you push your body back up. repeat 15x. GET STRONGER LEGS Alternate lifting each leg at a 90-degree angle from your core for 2 seconds. 90° repeat 15x. Getting up from your desk for brief walks throughout the day is GET YOUR WALK IN GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Approximately every minute of walking can extend your life by up to 2 minutes. Workday-friendly walks: SKIP THE CAR, TAKE THE STAIRS GET UP BUS OR SUBWAY instead of the elevator or and talk to your and walk or bike to walk to a restroom on coworkers instead work instead. another floor. of emailing. EAT ON THE GO SCHEDULE A WALKING MEETING 10 Take your lunch with you on a stroll during your break. with coworkers to encourage movement. SOURCES н II

Get Moving! Avoid The Health Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle

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Exercise can help increase productivity as well as decrease the risk of obesity, heart disease and more. Sometimes we just find it hard to get enough of exercise because we are completely swamped at w...




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