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Get Enough Vitamin D?

Are you Vitamin D deficient? Sunlight ULTRAVIOLET (UV) TWO MAIN TYPES OF UV UVA UVB UVA Ages your skin UVB Bums your skin but also creates ESSENTIAL FOR bone health INFLUENCES cardiovascular disease, some Vitamin D cancers SUSPECTED EFFECT mood, arthritis teenage diabetes MS, general health source: PubMed, National Toxicology Program Global Deficit FROM NOV TO FEB, THERE'S NOT ENOUGH UVB IN SUNLIGHT ABOVE LATITUDE 42°N TO MAKE VITAMIN D IN THE SKIN 42°N SUPPLEMENTATION OF VITAMIN D MIGHT BE NEEDED source: National Institute Of Health Widespread Vitamin D deficiency? % POPULATION DEFICIENT IN VITA MIN D INSUFFICIENT SEVERELY DEFICIENT UK 50% 16% UK USA 77% USA WHITES 72% 2.5% WHITES MEXICAN AMERICANS MEXICAN AMERICANS 90% 8.5% NON HISPANIC NON HISPANIC BLACKS 98% 27% BLACKS source: Archives of Internal Medicine, British Medical Joumal, American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition note: US study did not sample from Northern latitudes, meaning true insufticiency could be higher In Decent Exposure HOW MUCH SUNLIGHT DO YOU NEED PER DAY TO MAKE VITAMIN D? SUMMER SPRING / AUTUMN WINTER 10 MINS 20 MINS 30 MINS WHERE? HOW? WHO? BACK OUTSIDE! FACE, ARMS, LEGS or BACK DARKER SKIN UVB does not No sunscreen (tactor 15+ diminishes Vit D sy nthesis by 99%) Requires longer exposure penetrate glass source: Australian Cancer Council, National Instutute Of Health D-Day SHIFTING OPINIONS ON VITAMIND INTAKE Recommended Dietary Allowance No dire ct sunlight or over70 years Latest research 200 IU 600 IU 2,000 IU (established in 1941) (earlier recommendations based amounts that prevented bone ailments like rickets, not for gene ral health) source: Archives Of Intemal Medicine, University of Calitornia Sources of itamin D THE FIVE BEST SOURCES OF VITAMIN DAFTER SUNLIGHT COD LIVER OIL MARGARINE EGG YOLK OILY FISH BEEF LIVER 1,360 IU /1 TBSP 60 IU / 1 TBSP 25 IU 285 IU / 100G 46 IU / 100G source: National Institute Of Health David McCandless // Nov 2010 / v 1.0 data: addiitonal design: Joe Swainson, Matt Hancock, Stefanie Posavec

Get Enough Vitamin D?

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From the sunlight, we get two types of ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB. UVA is absorbed into the skin while UVB can burn the skin. However, UVB also makes Vitamin D, an essential component in bone healt...


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