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The Germy Truth About Influenza

The Germy Truth About Influenza Were you a victim of the flu this past season? You're not alone! On average, up to 20% of U.S. residents get the flu each year. Check out the germy truth about the influenza virus: how it affects us, how to avoid it, and why pigs with the sniffles may mean trouble. Scroll down to get the facts (then go wash those hands!) CONTAGIOUSNESS COMPLICATIONS • OVER 200,000 hospitalizations are flu-related each year in the U.S. Otherwise healthy adults can spread the flu virus to others 1 day before and up to 7 days after symptoms develop. MARCH • As many as 49,000 deaths may have been flu related between 1976 and 2006 in the U.S. COLLEGE STUDENTS SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF THE FLU On average, college students are symptomatic for 8 days or more each time they catch a flu-like illness The flu virus ranks among leading causes of impediments to academic performance. Headache Fever or chills Total Percent Negatively Affected Runny or stuffy nose Impediment • Students who use face 1 Stress 28.9 Cough masks and increase their SANITIZER 2 Sleep difficulties 20.5 Sore throat hand hygiene during flu season have up to a 51% lesser chance of catching influenza-like illnesses 3 Anxiety 20.2 Muscle or 4 Flu/Cold/Sore Throat 15.6 body aches 5. Work 13.9 Fatigue VACCINE I Types There are 3 types of human influenza viruses: A, B, & C Flu vaccines with a good virus-vaccine strain match prevent the flu in about Types A & B are those responsible for wintertime flu epidemics in the U.S. 80° % of healthy adults under age 65 B Influenza B viruses are Influenza A viruses are also found in a variety of animals Type C, a mild respiratory illness, is not thought common only among humans. including ducks, chickens, pigs, whales, horses, and seals. to cause epidemics. The vaccine for the 2013 season reduced the risk of a necessary doctor visit by about 60% Health providers may advise against receiving a flu vaccine if you have a severe allergy to chicken eggs. It is possible for igs to become infected with human, avian, and swine influenza viruses. When infected with the flu, pigs experience human symptoma PIGS fever runny nose cough Antigenic Shift: When a new influenza A virus forms in a pig infected with flu virus strains from multiple species Find a vaccination location: • Antigenic shifts are often the cause of influenza pandemics in humans. Influenza virus activity often begins in November or December, however. • OVER 80% of influenza seasons have peaked in Google Flu Trends: Cases of Influenza-like Illnesses January or later • OVER 60% peaked in February or later 12000 - 10,555 10000 - 8,196 There is a close 7,112 5.806 correlation Flu Trends reports that this season, flu activity is at an all-time high since search data collection began between those 4,077 4,085 4000 - 3.499 who have flu 2,880 2.970 2,915 symptoms and those who in 2003. Google topics related to the flu. 2000-10 Peak per 100,000 Physician Visits HIGH PEAKING SEASONS In the 2009 – 2010 season, cases of the 2009 H1N1 influenza, type A virus or "the swine flu" caused the "first global pandemic in more than 40 years." The CDC estimates that this pandemic resulted in as many as: During the 2003 – 2004 flu season, cases of the avian influenza, type A virus (H7N2) or "the bird flu" were report- 88 million cases of the flu ed in US citizens. 398,000 hospitalizations 18,050 deaths References: 1. Contars tor Discase Control and Povertion. "Saasonal Infuenca tpwww.cdo.gowuabout/oadseasehim 2. Centars tor Discase OCortrol and Provention. "Saasonal infuena Associaled Hoscitakationa in the United States http/www.cdogoutusboutigahoeptal m 3. Certers for Disease Contral end Pro.enton. "Seasoral nturas http:/www.cdo.govtuaboutiqa/dscasahtm 4. Certers for Dioease Contrdl and Preerson. Kay Facts about Intuenza A & Ru Vaccine. 6. "Calds and ntueraa Llilelresses inUniersty Studerts mpact on Hoath, Academic and Work Pertomaros and Hoath Care Use. tpidodorjoumals.orgcon- tont40a12831Apaehimi 6. "Vask Use, Hand Hygene, and Seasonal infueraalile lines among Young Aduts ARandomissdintanenion Tral: 7. American Colege Heath Association National Colage Heath Assasamert. Teloronce Group Data Report Sping 2012". http:www.achanchaorgdocaACHANCHALReorenceGoup DataRepartSoing2012pd 8. Vaccines tor preering intuena inheathy adte. http:lorinalbayowlay.comda10.1002/14e61esa.CDo0i2ea.pubaabalract 10. Rugo Vacdntion& Vacche Saty ugovtre e Cortroland Provention What You Shoid Know tor the 2012 2013 fuena Seasor pwww.cdo.gowubout/oason ugowproverionvaconionvaccinalionvindechti 11. Centars tor Diaaase Control and Provertion. Kay Facts about infuerza A & Ru Vaoche. htpwww.odogovtuiaylactahim 12. Cenkers tor Diecase Cortrol and Provention. "Tranamssion of inera Vruses from Animals to Peaple" htpu/www.odc.gowulabout/vinusearanamissionhtm 13. Centars tor Disease Coniol and Provertion. "Tyoes of nuena Virusese htawww.odo.goutuabatiusestypeshim 14. Dictonaycom. Epidemic htpdctionaryelorenca.combrowseepidemicent 15, "Pardemic http:dciorary 16. Centors for Diocane Control and Proardon "Tanamisaion af infuenaa Vinuses fom Animals to Paople http:www.cdo.goutuaboutinuses/tanamissonhtm 17. "Preerion and contral of intuenza Pecommendators of the Advisory Commitae an immunioalon Pracficse. httgdouropapmc.ogabatractMED1es85555 18. Googlo Ru Tronds. How Doss This Workr. httpwwwegoogle.og/ordalbouthowchimi 19. Google og Au Tenda Expioe futends - Unted Stales 20. Google Ru Trands. http/ 21. Certers tor Disesse Control and Preertion. Past Oubreaks of Alan intuerca in North America" httpuwww.adc.gowulaiarfupast-oubroakshtm College Finder SEASON 2012-13 2011-12 20 10-11 2008-09 2007-08 2006-07 2005-06 2004-05 2003-04

The Germy Truth About Influenza

shared by JennBoh on Feb 27
Were you a flu victim this past season? Or are you still hoping you won't be affected? Read on to find out the germy truth about this potentially very dangerous illness!




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